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Residential / Single-Family & Duplex Projects Contact Information

To contact a specific department or staff member, please select from the staff directories below:

This group assists with building permit related activities including same-day reviews and full plan reviews.

Residential Project Inquiries

Phone: 720-865-2710


Counter Hours: See permit counter hours

Please Note: You must be signed in no later than 3:00 p.m. if your project requires both a Zoning and Building review to obtain a same day permit. Also, not all projects can be reviewed and approved on the same business day; this is decided based on current demand and capacity.

Mailing Address: View Map

Development Services
201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept 203
Denver, CO 80202

"Walk-Through Review" Counter

Same Day Review is available for simple projects that do not require extensive review.  Some examples are:

  • Sheds
  • Porches, patios, trellises, pergolas  
  • Interior remodels
  • Basement finishes
  • New egress windows
  • Fences/walls
  • Foundation repair with stamped structural letter 

Log-In Service

Larger, more complex projects that require a full plan review for Zoning and Building need to be logged in and reviewed by staff.  Some examples are:

  • New single unit dwellings
  • Accessory dwelling unites 
  • New duplexes
  • Any new addition
  • New basement excavation
  • Attic conversions 
  • Any second story deck, balcony, patio 
  • Any zoning only review
  • Detached garages/carports


Residential Plan Review Staff Directory

Scott Prisco
Building Official

David Adams
Residential Engineer & Architect Supervisor

Amir Abu-Jaber

Joel S. Champagne 
Plans Review Specialist II

Melissa Choury
Plans Review Specialist II

Kendra Cole
Plans Review Specialist II

Lori Iwanski
Plans Review Specialist II

Sophia Reid
Plans Review Specialist II

James Sobey

Thaddeus Stephens
Plans Review Specialist II

Bridgette Trujillo
Plans Review Specialist II

Greg Waite
Plans Review Specialist II

Michael Walton
Plans Review Specialist II

Kefelew Weldemichael
Plans Review Specialist II

Types of Inspections

Construction Electrical
Access Control
Business LIcense
General (Blown insulation, roofing, and siding)
Fire Alarm
Mechanical Plumbing
Fire Suppression

Building Inspection Staff Directory

Inspection Services Manager

Construction Inspectors

General Inquiries:

Paul Schaffer
Chief Inspector

Electrical Inspectors

General Inquiries:

Tony Lopez
Chief Inspector

Contact Your Construction Inspector

To contact a specific construction inspector, please call 720-865-2520.  To view the inspector responsible for your district, view the District Map.

  • Clyde Baggett
  • Mike Brack
  • Steve Breit
  • Joel Champagne
  • Brian Gibbons
  • Don Goldtrap
  • Bill Martinez
  • Ted Martinez
  • Gil Medina
  • Todd Miller
  • Leonard Montez
  • Tony Schweitzer
  • Ken Trujillo

Contact Your Electrical Inspector

To contact a specific electrical inspector, please call 720-865-2580To view the inspector responsible for your district, view the District Map.

  • Bill Allen
  • "Roni" Chavez
  • Dale Dexter
  • Ricardo Montoya
  • Ubaldo Perez
  • Tony Portugal
  • Tony Ramirez
  • Jeff Staebell
  • Ricky Swinton
  • Mike Zenz

Plumbing & Fire Suppression Inspectors

General Inquiries:

Jim Valdez
Chief Inspector

Mechanical & Boiler Inspectors

General Inquiries:

Jim Valdez
Chief Inspector

Contact Your Plumbing or Fire Suppression Inspector

To contact a specific Plumbing or Fire Supression inspector, please call 720-865-2620. To view the inspector responsible for your district, view the District Map.

  • Daniel Deel
  • Tom Deel
  • Frank Gonzales
  • Clyde Morris
  • David Straub

Contact Your Mechanical or Boiler Inspector

To contact a specific mechanical or boiler inspector, please call 720-865-2560. To view the inspector responsible for your district, view the District Map.

  • Del Alarid
  • Louis Jugert
  • Fred Laskey
  • Troy Newman
  • Andrew Smith
  • Thomas Williams