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Building Permits

building permit iconMost building projects in the City and County of Denver including new construction, remodeling and repairs require general construction permits (#1R or #1C) to allow construction, and then trade-specific permits for each part of the project. 

Before the permits are issued, a building permit plan review is required to evaluate the projects. 

See below for a list of building permits and applications.

Updated 2/15/2017 - Downloading a permit application below? You might notice a few changes on several of these applications. In order to better combat fraud, you will need to provide both your contractor license information and your supervisor certificate information (or your state master's license for electrical/plumbing). There is also a new field to give you space to describe the scope of work in more detail. 

Form Name Description
Permit #1C General commercial building permit for new buildings, additions & change of occupancy. Development Services staff will provide and verify this form in person.
Permit #1R General residential construction permit. Development Services staff will complete or verify this form upon verification of application contents.
Permit #2 Quick Permit - Application for a general permit for roofing, siding, fascia/soffit, and blown-in insulation
Permit #3 Quick Permit - Application for an electrical permit
Permit #3A - Alarm Permit Application for installation of a commercial fire alarm system
Permit #3B Application for an access control permit
Permit #4 Quick Permit - application for a plumbing & gas piping permit
Signs Zoning permit Application for a commercial sign permit 
Permit #7 Application for a permit for: steam/hot water boilers, radiation for heating systems and commercial A/C
Installation of a Sprinkler System Application for a commercial fire suppression (sprinkler) installation permit
Permit #11 Quick Permit - Application for a mechanical permit to install forced-air furnaces, ventilation and air conditioning and gas piping
Total Demolition Guide   Contains the demolition application form and other forms required for total demolition of a residential or commercial structure 
Address Assignment Card Application to request assignment of an address
Hazardous Materials Hazardous materials reporting and permits in Denver

Permits Required for New Construction
All fire permits related to any commercial construction project in new or existing structures in the City and County of Denver are handled by the Fire Prevention Division.

For more information, see the Fire Prevention page or contact the Denver Fire Department to learn about what permits you need and when you need to call for inspections and testing.  

Permits Required for Existing Structures
All existing business occupancies in the City and County of Denver are required to have an annual inspection for the purpose of maintaining a Life Safety Operating Permit. These occupancies include, but are not limited to: 

  • hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other medical centers
  • schools, daycare facilities and other recreational or educational centers
  • apartment and condominium buildings
  • industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • retail stores, business offices, dining and entertainment establishments

For more information, see the Fire Prevention page or contact the Denver Fire Department to learn about what permits you need and when you need to call for inspections and testing.  

Fire Permit Fees
For information about fire permit fees, see the Fees page.

The following guides are available for download in PDF format:

Commercial Building Permit Guide (2016 DBC)

Commercial Permitting Handbook (2011 DBC)

UPDATED APRIL 2017. Guideline of requirements for commercial projects, information on related permits, and collection of required forms.

Use the handbook that corresponds with the code to which your plans adhere. See Denver Building and Fire Code tab above and on the side panel for information on the 2016 DBC transition and implementation.

Slide Deck: Navigating Commercial Permitting Presentation from July 26, 2017. Navigating the permitting process for commercial projects.
Expanded Prep Demo Overview Permit path enabling an expedited construction start for certain commercial tenant-finish projects
Administrative Modification Request Application information and supplemental guidelines
DEH Plan Review Application UPDATED APRIL 2017. This application is used to conduct an Environmental Health review of proposed new and extensively remodeled retail food establishments/commercial kitchens, marijuana-infused product (MIP) kitchens, and marijuana dispensaries. It should be used in conjunction with the 2016 Commercial Building Permit Guide (above).
Restaurant Guide Old resource. Use the Commercial Building Permit Guide and DEH Plan Review Application (above) instead.
Concept Phase Overview A brief overview of the Concept Phase of Plan Review
Concept Phase Submittal Checklist Submittal checklist for the Concept Phase
Formal Phase Overview A brief overview of the Formal Phase of Plan Review
Formal Phase Submittal Checklist for Site Plans Submittal checklist for the Formal Phase
Final Recordation Phase Overview A brief overview of the Final Recordation Phase of Plan Review
Plan Amendments Guide How to apply for an amendment to an approved plan 
Pool Permitting Guide Permitting guide for residential and commercial pools, spas and water features
PUD/PBG Site Plan Rules and Regulations The process and requirements for site plan review of Planned Unit Developments/Planned Building Groups
Total Demolition Guide Step-by step procedures for demolition of residential and commercial structures. 

How to Apply for a Permit

Apply in Person
You may apply for any permit in person at the Development Services permit counter, 2nd floor, Wellington Webb Municipal Building, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Denver. See our Contact Us page for counter hours.

Apply via Email or Fax
Applications for permits numbered 2-11 (above) may be submitted via email or fax. Learn more about quick permits>>

Coming soon:

New ways to check in for the permit counter

Updated: we are currently testing the appointment scheduling module and will update here once appointments can be scheduled through the website.

The soon-to-launch appointments will be available--but optional--for

  • Log In, 
  • Single-family/Duplex Walk-through, and 
  • Logged-in Plan Pickup. 

If you wish to be seen on the day of instead of making an appointment, you can check in at the kiosk for the first available slot, but please be aware space may be limited and we cannot guarantee you will be seen.

See how this change will impact you >>


  • Prior to final inspection:
    Contact Building Inspections at 720-865-2505.  
    Have your address and permit number available.  
  • Final or canceled permit status:
    Call 720-865-2790 or email  

Building Permit Records

file folder iconCompleted construction permits and certificates of occupancy for properties located within the City and County of Denver are available from the Records counter, located on the 2nd floor of the Wellington Webb Municipal Building at 201 W. Colfax. 

Monday - Friday 
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Office: 720-865-2790  
Fax: 720-865-2887


2016 Permit Type Legend (PDF)

These permit reports have not been manually validated and may be missing some data, may contain duplicates and may contain limited data points that are incorrect.

2015 Permit Type Legend (PDF)

These permit reports have not been manually validated and may be missing some data, may contain duplicates and may contain limited data points that are incorrect.

Official building permit records for the City and County of Denver on site at the Wellington Webb Municipal Building date back to 1970.

Archived Records

  • Permit records for 2000 – present can be found on our imaging system or hard copy
  • Permit records for 1970 – 1999 exist on microfiche
  • Permit records for 1955 – 1969 do not exist.
  • Records dating from 1915 through 1955 can be found at the Denver Public Library in the Western History section