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Construction Procedures for Neighbors to Know

Photo of construction in progressContact 311 to report construction-related code violations.

  • Most construction projects require building permits. (Visit our website for work exempt from permits.) 
  • Building permits must be displayed where they can be seen from the street. [DBCA 130.1, 140.1]
  • Construction noise is allowed between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. on weekdays, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends. [DRMC 36-7]
  • If a project involves demolition or excavation, the permit applicant must notify the owners of adjacent properties before obtaining demolition/excavation permits. [DBCA 3307.1.1] 
  • Adjacent properties must be protected during construction. This includes foundations, fences and landscaping. [DBCA: 3307.1]
  • Provisions shall be made to control water runoff and erosion during construction activities. [DBCA 3307.1]
  • Construction equipment and materials shall be stored and placed so as not to endanger the public, the workers or adjoining property for the duration of the project. [IBC 3301.2]
  • Dirt and construction debris may not be placed in streets, alleys or sidewalks. [DBCA 3302.2]
  • Construction debris may not be placed in city dumpsters. [DRMC 48-44]
  • Containers shall not be placed in streets without proper permits from Denver Public Works Right-of-Way Services. [DBCA 3308.3] 
  • Streets and alleys shall not be blocked without proper permits from Denver Public Works Right-of-Way Services. [DBCA 3308.3] 
  • A port-o-let or other sanitary facility is required for each construction site. [IBC 3305.1]
  • Six-foot fences must be maintained around open excavation sites (including single-family projects where full basements are being dug) or hazardous job sites to prevent unauthorized access. [IBC 3306.1, 3306.9, DBCA 3303.4] 
  • Signs identifying or advertising construction, sale, lease, etc. may require a zoning permit and could have strict conditions and time limits. [Denver Zoning Code 10.10] Visit our Signs webpage for more information.


DBCA = Denver Building Code Amendments
DRMC = Denver Revised Municipal Code
IBC = International Building Code

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