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Building Inspections

checklist iconAll construction must be inspected for compliance with the Denver Building and Fire Code and national and international codes in the areas of structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, conservation, boiler and refrigeration, fuel and gas. These inspections are handled by our Building Inspections staff.

Schedule an Inspection

If your project is complete, use our automated phone system to schedule an inspection.

If you need an inspection outside of our normal hours (7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.), you may request an after-hours inspection by filling out a special inspection request form (PDF). Learn more here.

View a list of common violations found by inspectors that will help you avoid reinspection fees.

To check on the status of an inspection, contact the Records department 48 hours after the inspection at 720-865-2790 or You will need to provide your permit number or your street address.

Additional Information

If you need to cancel a permit or have the address changed on a permit, please fill out the below form and email it to

If you need to check the status of a form you have already submitted, call us at 720-865-2505 – option 6 to speak with inspections staff.

Certificate of Occupancy

In order to issue a certificate of occupancy (CO), inspectors will require:

  • That all facets of the job are complete, including work from modified plans.
  • A complete building inspection card, or cards for multiple permits, from the City and County of Denver, with all required rough and final inspection signatures including all required agency signatures in the red box on the back of the card.
  • Final approval letters from any third-party engineers and inspectors.
  • A final approval letter from the engineer of record.

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

In order to issue a temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO), inspectors will require:

  • A letter explaining the reason for a TCO from the primary permit holder or building owner and how long it will be needed.
  • A complete building inspection card from the City and County of Denver, stamped “TCO,” including all Required final signatures and all required agency signatures in the red box.
  • All life safety systems functioning upon TCO inspection.
  • All third-party engineers’ observation letters.
  • A final letter by the engineer of record.
  • Collection of the $200.00 TCO fee.

Marijuana facilities may present unique issues and needs related to electrical inspections. Please view the following document to learn more about preparing for an inspection.

Electrical inspections guidelines for marijuana facilities (PDF)

Due to the high volume of roofing permits issued in recent months, roofing inspection requests cannot be fulfilled by city inspectors the next business day, as is routine for other types of building inspections. See below for the range of dates of inspection requests currently being served. Please note that inspectors only carry one-story ladders. You must provide a ladder set-up capable of reaching any roof point over one-story. Learn more about avoiding reinspection fees here.

Inspections Required

3-Digit Inspection Code and Type of Inspection 205 - Pre-inspection Commercial (New or Re-roof) 206 - Other (Mid-roof, roof insulation, other meeting) 201 - Roof (Final)
One- and Two-Family Asphalt Shingles No If needed* Yes
Townhomes Yes If needed* Yes
Commercial Asphalt Shingles Yes If needed* Yes
Low-slope Roofs Yes If needed* Yes
Tile No Yes Yes

* A mid-roof inspection may be required when the pre-inspection identifies items that need to be completed but will not be visible for inspection at the final.

Third-party roofing inspections

The option of a third-party inspection is available to roofing companies and property owners looking to avoid delays. The third-party firm must file a report after the inspection.

The third-party inspection form and your inspection report must be dropped off in-person or submitted to within 7 days of the final inspection.

This week’s inspections

We appreciate your patience as we work through a large volume of inspection requests due to recent hail storms. During the week of 8/14/17, roofing inspections will be conducted on inspection requests made between 8/6/2017 and 8/11/2017.

Zoning Inspections

checklist iconAll development projects where a zoning permit is required must be inspected for compliance with the zoning permit. These inspections are performed by Neighborhood Inspection Services.  

To schedule an inspection, call 311. Please have the property address and zoning permit number available.

Neighborhood Inspections

checklist icon

In order to protect the safety, prosperity, health and welfare of all city residents, city code regulations require that property owners keep their properties safe and well-maintained. About two dozen neighborhood inspectors handle public education and zoning enforcement throughout Denver’s 155 square miles. Most education and enforcement happens in response to reports that citizens make to 3-1-1, although inspectors also perform proactive inspections. 

Our inspectors enforce property maintenance standards based on the Denver Zoning Code and the Denver Revised Municipal Code.

Wastewater SUDP Inspections

checklist iconPlease see below for phone numbers, times and locations to submit a request for a Wastewater / SUDP (sewer usage and drainage permit) inspection.

All requests for inspections must be called in no later than 3:30 P.M. on the previous business day before the inspection is needed. Please include valid license and permit numbers.

Public Works Permit Operations(PWPO)

  • A plumbing or sewer contractor licensed by the City and County of Denver must call fo sanitary & storm sewer exterior piping / pre-treatment devices / repairs (piping in same trench) and cut-offs
  • A contractor licensed by the City and County of Denver must call for storm sewer exterior above grade and no piping

  • Temporary Certificates of Occupancy (TCO) require a letter of request stating permit number, address, reason for requesting TCO and when the outstanding items will be completed. Note that not all requests for TCO can be granted.
  • Requests for TCO must be submitted to Public Works Permit Operations (PWPO), 2000 W 3rd Ave, 1st floor counter, a minimum of 48 hours before the inspection is needed.

  • Permanent Certificates of Occupancy inspections must be called in to Public Works Permit Operations (PWPO) 303-446-3759 with valid permit numbers and field contact information no later than 3:30 P.M. on the previous business day before the inspection is needed.

Contact Us

Neighborhood and Building Inspection Services

Dial 311 for inspections
From outside Denver: 720-913-1311
Administration: 720-865-2505

Email: Neighborhood.inspectionservice@


Office hours and location:
7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday - Friday

Please schedule an appointment for zoning/neighborhood inspections.

Wellington Webb Municipal Office Building, Development Services, 201 W. Colfax Ave, Dept 203, Denver, CO 80202

Neighborhood and Building Inspections staff directory

Dial 3-1-1 for information and city services