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Denver Human Services and Denver Juvenile Court Finalize Adoptions by 34 Families at 12th Annual Adoption Day Event


DENVER – Laughter, joy and a few tears filled the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse today as 34 families finalized adoptions of 47 Denver children during Denver’s 12th Annual National Adoption Day event.

Denver Human Services (DHS) and Denver Juvenile Court coordinated the event with support from the Denver City Attorney’s Office. National Adoption Day honors adoptive families while raising awareness of the 100,000 children in foster care across the country who are still looking for safe, supportive adoptive homes.

Currently, there are still 39 children in Denver and 283 throughout Colorado who are in foster care or the care of relatives and awaiting an adoptive home.

“Our community is stronger when we support one another, and today you are supporting children in the best way possible, by ensuring that they know they can count on you for the rest of their life to be a loving, supportive parent no matter what lies ahead,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock told the adoptive families. “Every child deserves a stable, safe, loving home. A place they can call their own and a family that will appreciate and nurture their individual uniqueness and talent to achieve their full potential. We can do more to ensure these kids are supported and loved.”

Including those united with adoptive families at today’s event, a total 108 children have been adopted in Denver County in 2016.  Since Denver launched Adoption Day twelve years ago, 632 have been adopted through this annual, one-day event. DHS is the only public source for adoption in Denver.

“Thirty-four families grew a little larger today, joining the more than 30 other families who adopted Denver children this year,” Denver Human Services Executive Director Don Mares said. “I want to encourage each adoptive and foster parent to share your journey with others in the community who might consider fostering and adopting a child. There are 39 children in Denver today who need parents willing to open their hearts and homes.”

In total, National Adoption Day has helped nearly 50,000 children move from foster care to a loving, supportive adoptive family. This year, the National Adoption Day Coalition expects 4,500 children in foster care nationally to be adopted on National Adoption Day.

Interested families can learn more about adoption in Denver by calling DHS at 720.944.4000 or visiting DHS welcomes families of all types, including married and unmarried couples, single mothers and fathers, same-sex couples, and couples of every race, religion and income level.

Quotes from Today’s Adoptive Families

"You don't always know what life is going to bring -- it's hard sometimes to see around the next corner. When my husband and I first started the adoption process, we were fairly certain we wanted just one, and we wanted a boy. But when Zoe and Alex came along, everything changed in an instant. We knew we were meant to love them both. Things couldn't have worked out better; we are ecstatic about our new family. Love makes a family!" – Chris and Scott Wedor, who are adopting a brother and sister today.

“We’ve known Andi and her mother since Andi was a baby. She’s always been part of our family. Since she came into our care, we have treated her as our own. She was shy at first and but now she blends right in, so she – and we – decided we all wanted to make it permanent.”  - Lorraine Armijo, who, with her husband Ernest, is adopting a 17-year-old daughter today.

 “I had a positive experience from the first time I worked with Human Services. They gave me resources and information and even helped me find ways to get the baby to the doctor. It would have been so hard for me without them.” – Julie Morris, who is adopting a son today.

“A dream came true and our hearts are full.” – Amy Webb, who is adopting a daughter today.

To view photos from Denver’s 10th Annual National Adoption Day Event, visit our Facebook page.

Adoption Day Fact Sheet:

Denver County

  • 34 families will be adopting a child in Denver County today.
  • 47 children are being adopted.
  • 39 children in foster or kinship care in Denver County are still in need of a safe, supportive adoptive home.
  • Denver Human Services and Denver Juvenile Court have finalized adoptions of 108 children to date in 2016 in the City & County of Denver, including the 47 children being adopted today.
  • Denver Human Services and Denver Juvenile Court have finalized 632 adoptions on National Adoption Day since Denver began hosting this event 12 years ago, including the families being united today.
  • From 2010 through 2015, Denver Human Services and Denver Juvenile Court finalized adoptions of 1,025 children total, including those finalized at Adoption Day events.
  • Denver Human Services is the only PUBLIC source for adoption in Denver.
  • DHS welcomes families of all types, including married and unmarried couples, single mothers and fathers, same-sex couples, and couples of every race, religion and income level.
  • Denver County is a strong advocate of LGBTQ adoptive families.


  • 283 children are still in need of adoptive homes in the state of Colorado.
  • The Colorado legislature approved same-sex civil unions in 2013, which allows couples to adopt jointly rather than separately.


  • National Adoption Day is a collective national effort to celebrate adoptive families and raise awareness of more than 100,000 children in foster care waiting to find safe and supportive adoptive families.

For more information on foster care and adoption in Denver:


Phone: 720-944-4000

Informational Sessions

  • The second Wednesday of each month from 6-8 p.m. at Denver Human Services at 1200 Federal Boulevard, Denver, CO 80204 in Room 1018
  • The fourth Wednesday of each month from 6-8 p.m. at the Montbello Recreation Center at 15555 E. 53rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80239