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Please select your primary area of interest or inquiry for a detailed list of OED contacts by name, email, and direct phone.

Manufacturing, Logistics
Peggy Severson, 720-913-1625

Commons on Champa, Professional/Financial Services, Civic Engagement
Carrie Singer, 720-913-1521

John Hill, 720-913-1611

Venture Capital, Denver Gazelles
Tim Martinez, 720-913-1642

Denver Enterprise Zone
Joanne Greek, 720-913-1513

Financing Options, Business Plan Review      
Rick Snyder, 720-913-1631

International Development
Abdul Sesay, 720-913-1544

Denver Workforce Services – Westside

Denver Workforce Services - Montbello

Denver Workforce Services - Eastside

Business Services for Employers
Tony Anderson, 720-913-5410

TEC-P Ready-to-Work Partnership Grant
Liz Ojeda, 720-913-1650 

Workforce Development Board
Cindy Gaertner, 720-913-1665

Denver Workforce Assistant Director
Anita Davis, 720-944-2736

Denver Workforce Director
Denise Bryant, 720-865-2953

Site Selection, Business Recruitment
Turid Nagel-Casebolt, 720-913-1623 

Business Retention, Denver Gazelles
Tim Martinez, 720-913-1642

Certifications, Bidding Opportunities, Public Feedback 
Tammy Trujillo, 720-913-1614

Manager, Denver Small Business Opportunity (DSBO)
Tanya Davis, 720-913-1780          

Affordable Housing Buyer Income Qualifications
Stephanie Inderwiesen, 720-913-1634

Affordable Housing Preservation
Laura Brudzynski, 720-913-1999

Neighborhood Development
Michael Miera, 720-913-1534
Sylvia Smith, 720-913-1602

Denver Food Vision
Blake Angelo, 720-913-1638

HUD Section 3 Certifications
Lisa Lujan, 720-913-1540

Housing Director
Rick Padilla, 720-913-1709          

Derek Woodbury720-913-1608

CORA Policy

Custodian of Records: Derek Woodbury