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Summer Programs

Join us for an evening or day on the water!  Trained staff will teach the basics of standup paddle boarding and then you’ll paddle with the group for the remainder of the outing.  All standup paddleboard equipment is included.  Open to beginners along with more experienced paddlers!

Transportation:  No transportation is provided for Sloan’s Lake and Evergreen Lake outings.  All other programs include transportation – see trip for pickup/dropoff location below.

What to Bring:  Please dress in clothes that can get wet and wear secure sandals (no flip-flops) or shoes that can get wet.  Please also bring/wear:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterbottle

Lunch and snacks (only for 4 hour programs that take place over the lunch hour)

Thurs. 5/31/18


Adult SUP: Sloan’s Lake


Adult: $25


Thurs. 6/7


Adult SUP: Sloan’s Lake



Tues. 6/12


Adult SUP: Barr Lake

Meets at Central Park Recreation Center.



Sat. 6/16


Adult SUP: Chatfield Reservoir

Meets at Carla Madison Recreation Center


Fri. 6/22


Adult SUP: Sloan’s Lake



Fri. 6/29


Adult SUP: Moonlight on Evergreen Lake

Join us for a unique outing as we explore Evergreen Lake on paddleboards under the moon. 


Tues. 7/10


Adult SUP: Chatfield State Park

Meets at Cook Park Recreation Center.   


Sat. 7/21


Adult SUP: Cherry Creek State Park

Meets at Carla Madison Recreation Center.  


Tues. 7/24


Adult SUP: Sunrise Sloan’s Lake

Catch the view of the rising sun from a paddleboard!


Tues. 7/31


Adult SUP: Sloan’s Lake



Thurs. 8/2


Adult SUP: Cherry Creek State Park

Meets at Cook Park Recreation Center.  


Sat. 8/11


Adult SUP: Chatfield Lake

Meets at Carla Madison Recreation Center.  


Thurs. 8/16


Adult SUP: Sloan’s Lake



Sat. 8/25


Adult SUP: Gross Reservoir

Meets at Carla Madison Recreation Center


Tues. 8/28


Adult SUP: Barr Lake

Meets at Central Park Recreation Center


Thurs. 8/30


Adult SUP: Sunset on Evergreen Lake

Join us for an outing as we explore Evergreen Lake on paddleboards under the setting sun.




Spend a day hiking and leave the planning to us!  Our experienced guides will lead you on hikes to spectacular destinations!

Transportation: Provided – see trip for pickup/dropoff location

What to bring: Wear comfortable clothes and sturdy sneakers or hiking boots.

Bring a backpack with the following:

  • 2 full water bottles
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Extra warm layers and rain gear

Price: Adults - $20, 65+ - $10

Thurs. 6/14


Adult Hike: Heil Ranch

 Wapiti and Ponderosa Loop
 Miles: 7.7
 Starting Elevation: 5495’
 Elevation Gain: 847’
 Meets at Washington Park Recreation Center.

Sat. 6/23


Adult Hike: RMNP Sandbeach Lake

 Sandbeach Trail
 Miles: 8.8
 Starting Elevation: 8312’
 Elevation Gain: 1971’
 Meets at Scheitler Recreation Center

Weds. 6/27


Adult Hike: RMNP Loch Vale

 The Loch Trail
 Miles: 5.9
 Starting Elevation: 9240’
 Elevation Gain: 952’
 Meets at Central Park Recreation Center

Thurs. 7/26


Adult Hike: Mud Lake/Caribou Ranch

 Mud Lake Trail
 Miles: 6.3 miles
 Starting Elevation: 8400 ‘
 Elevation Gain: 423’
 Meets at Washington Park Recreation Center

Weds. 7/11


Adult Hike: Butler Gulch

 Butler Gulch Trail
 Miles: 5
 Starting Elevation: 10500’
 Elevation Gain: 1502’
 Meets at Washington Park Recreation Center

Fri. 8/3


Adult Hike: Ouzel Falls/Lake

 Ouzel Lake Trail
 Miles: 10
 Starting Elevation: 8500’
 Elevation Gain: 1510’
 Meets at Central Park Recreation Center.

Thurs. 8/23


Adult Hike: Columbine Lake

 Columbine Lake Trail
 Miles: 6.8
 Starting Elevation: 10090’
 Elevation Gain: 970’
 Meets at Scheitler Recreation Center. 


people completing the genesee challenge ropes course

Located in Genesee Park, just 20 minutes west of Denver, Genesee Challenge Course is set in a beautiful stand of Ponderosa Pines overlooking the continental divide. There are roughly 60 low and high elements that allow us to create a program specifically designed to achieve your group’s goals.

Learn more | Download the brochure

Minimum Group Size: 8

Maximum Group Size: 100

Ages: 8+ (we also have programming for 6 and 7 year-olds if you have a mixed age group, it’s just not on the elements)

Groups that we work with:  We work with a variety of groups ranging from schools to scouts to corporate groups.  We can even accommodate families and private groups of 8 or more!

Season:  May-October (we also offer Urban Teambuilding during the other seasons where we come to your location)

Length of Program:  We offer half and full-day programs ranging from 4-6.5 hours.

Staff to Participant Ratio:  We aim to have one staff for every 12-15 participants. 

Types of Programs:  We have low elements that focus more on teambuilding and are on the ground or a few feet of the ground.  WE also have high elements that involving climbing to height in a harness attached to a rope and focus more on individual challenge.  We can create a program that works to meet your goals which may be lows-only or both lows and highs (we do not do highs-only programs). 

Custom Programs:  In addition to challenge course programming, we also have camping, hiking and rock climbing at the site.  We can create a custom multi-day program for your group that involves various activities!  

For more information call 720-865-0680 or email at

It’s time to crank up the adventure on your summer vacation!  Spend a week with us and a small group of other kids having fun on outdoor adventures.  We’ll pick you up and drop you off each day at the Recreation Center and take you to cool places like Genesee Challenge Course, Rocky Mountain National Park, Echo Lake and Mt. Evans and more!  Rock climb, hike, standup paddleboard – adventures for days!  We provide gear and great instructors to help you learn new skills and have fun.

  • Ages: 10-12
  • Cost: $195

Download program information and forms:

Please click here to download important information and forms (please insert attached pdfs – Montbello/Central and Barnum/Scheitler).


 Mon. 6/18 -   Fri. 6/22

 M-Th - 8AM -4:00PM

 Fri. 8AM-5:30PM

 Adventure Day Camp for Youth

Meets at Montbello and Central Parks Recreation Centers.

 Mon. 8/6 -
 Fri. 8/10

 M-Th - 8AM-4PM

 Fri – 8AM-5:30PM


 Adventure Camp

Meets at Barnum and Scheitler Recreation Centers. 



Winter Programs

The Ruby Hill Rail Yard was created in 2007 in a joint effort between Denver Parks and Recreation and Winter Park Resort to offer a winter sport experience. It is open from mid-January through February, weather-pending.


outdoor rec hiking trips in the fall and summer
March Break Echo Lake Adventure

Learn more about this program

Learn to Ski and Ride Programs

This program is for beginner skiers and snowboarders or for those who have never skied or boarded before.  We’ll depart from a recreation center and travel to Winter Park Resort.  Kids will be assigned small groups and will spend the day with their Winter Park instructor learning how to ski or board.  All equipment is provided.  The day typically runs from 7AM-6PM. Must register in person at the Recreation Center from which the trip departs. Stay tuned for the 2018/2019 schedule.

Thank you for your interest! Winter 2018/2019 program information will be available in November. Please check back!

Thank you for your interest! Winter 2018/2019 program information will be available in November. Please check back!

Thank you for your interest! Winter 2018/2019 program information will be available in November. Please check back!

Other Offerings

Wilderness First Aid

Thurs. April 19 -Fri. April 20
Time: 8:00am-5:30pm

This 16-hour course will focus on the basic skills preventing, responding to and treating emergencies in the backcountry.  It is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or trip leaders who want to increase their first aid skills confidence.  Successful participants will receive a Wilderness First Aid certification thorough SOLO that is valid for 2 years.  

Call Outdoor Recreation at 720-865-0680 to register!

Youth Discovery Program

Bring your group to Echo Lake at the base of Mt. Evans this winter!  This full-day programs involves snowshoeing around the lake, environmental/ecology activities and a campfire. 

Ages: 6+

Cost: $10/person (group provides transportation)

We can provide transportation for up to 26 participants.  Cost would be $20/person.

Rock Climbing Program

Spend the day increasing teamwork and challenging your group.  We’ll hike approximately 45 minutes to a backcountry rock climbing site and teach your group how to belay and climbing techniques as we spend the day at the crag prior to our return hike. 

Ages: 11+

Cost: $44/person


We’re happy to work with your group to plan and lead a hiking or snowshoeing trip!  We can provide transportation (for smaller groups) or meet you at the trailhead. 

Cost: $10 (without transportation), $20 (with transportation)


Stay with us at Genesee Experiential Outdoor Center.  Combine camping with your challenge course experience, rock climbing or hiking for a multi-day adventure.  Or we can plan a front-country or backcountry excursion for your group elsewhere.  Let our skilled staff handle the planning, leadership and risk management for your group!

Cost: varies by activity and location



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