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Paying online?

The City of Denver recently implemented a security enhancement to better protect our online payment processing system.  As a result of this enhancement, we are no longer able to accept payments from non-current browsers. If you are using an older browser version, please upgrade your browser to the most current version so that you can access the online payment service.

National Inclusion Project Partners with Denver Parks and Recreation

The National Inclusion project serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with disabilities and the world around them.  Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) is honored to be awarded the National Inclusion Project, “Let’s All Play” grant for 2013.  

DPR strives to provide an atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome.  We believe all people should have the opportunity to participate and interact together through promoting a nurturing environment open to diverse populations.  DPR staff members and volunteers trust that empowering our citizens, today, will build a better place where everyone can live and thrive in the future.  Being part of the inclusion movement has been an exciting endeavor for our department as a whole, and over the past 6 months DPR has been providing training and resources to ensure all staff members are informed about inclusion, what it looks like in our department and why it is important to the citizens of Denver.  

All DPR programs are inclusive and Adaptive Recreation (AR) staff provides support to participants who need modifications for participation.  For more information, talk to the DPR staff at the nearest recreation center to you.