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City Parks

Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) facilities are unrivaled in the Rocky Mountain West. The DPR system spans over a 148-year history, from the first park created in 1868 to nearly 20,000 acres of urban parks and mountain parkland today. Parks are open daily from 5:00AM - 11:00PM.

Reserve a picnic site | Apply for a permit | Park rules & policies

Park rules overview:

  • No glass containers allowed at anytime
  • Only 3.2% alcoholic beverages allowed
  • All dog must be on a leash unless they are in a designated dog park
  • Do not feed wildlife in the parks
  • Restrooms are open from May through September - Portolets are in regional parks only, year-round
  • Always use trash receptacles or carry your trash out


Snow Removal

Off-Street Bicycle Trails
Denver Parks and Recreation maintains the City’s network of off-street bicycle trails. Any snow accumulation on a trail greater than one inch will be plowed to the channel side (or down slope side) within 12-hours after the end of a snow fall event.  Snow that can’t be accessed by machine will be removed manually. Ice accumulation on the trail will be treated with environmentally safe chemical products.

Snow Removal on Park Property/Other Public Property
Denver Parks and Recreation performs snow removal on park property and select sidewalks, such as bridges and underpasses. Snow is also removed from recreation center locations.

Learn more about snow removal in Denver.