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Private Outdoor Fee-Based Activities

fitness classes in a park

Private Outdoor Fee-Based Activity (POFA)
is defined as a class, clinic, camp, guided activity, program or related service organized and offered by a Permittee for which a payment, fee or other consideration is expected to be made to the Permittee. POFA is by invitation-only or open to the public in general. POFA must be generally recreational in nature or a common and customary park use.

It is the policy of Denver Department Parks and Recreation and its Manager (DPR), under circumstances appropriate for Denver parks, to permit citizens and organizations the use of specified areas within Denver parks for the provision of certain private outdoor fee-based activities and services to the public, subject to this policy.

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Private Outdoor Fee Based Activity (POFA)
Permit Process | April - September 2017 Season

Permit applications for the April-September 2017 season will be accepted:

BEGINNING February 6:

  • 12:00AM: submit email applications to
  • 8:00AM: submit in person applications at the Park Permit Office*

THROUGH February 17

  • 11:59PM: submit email applications to
  • 4:00PM: submit in person applications at the Park Permit Office*

A non-refundable $25 application fee must be paid for each POFA application submitted.

If submitting in person, payment will be due at that time.  If submitting via email, you will be emailed back no later than 4:00PM on February 21 with payment instructions. All application fees must be paid by 4:00PM on February 22.


Approvals & Lottery

If your application is approved, you will be notified via email by 4:00PM on February 24.

A lottery will be required if more applications are received than POFA sites available. Applicants will be notified of a lottery by February 24. Additional information will be provided at that time.

The lottery will take place on February 28 at 11:00AM at the Parks Permit Office. Attendance is optional and RSVPs will not be taken.

Lottery participants will have received confirmations and invoices on Feb. 22 when application fees were paid. Lottery participants should have final payment and insurance ready, as they will be due at 4:00PM on Feb. 28.


Payment & Final Permit

Final payment and insurance for all approved permits requests are due by 4:00PM on February 28.

Payment may only be made online or in person.  Insurance certificates may be sent electronically or delivered in person.

Approved permit holders will be notified no later than 4:00PM on March 10, at which time permits will available for printing online.

All remaining POFA sites will be available for permitting beginning at 8:00AM on March 14. No applications will be accepted prior. Applications may be submitted via email to

Confirmations and invoices will be sent electronically within 3 business days. Final payment and insurance will be due 3 business days after confirmation/invoice is sent.

*The Park Permit Office is located:
Webb Municipal Building | Room 1.G.1
201 West Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80202

Please check back after July 1 for more information on the Oct. 2017 - March 2018 POFA season permit process.


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Download POFA Permit Application: English | Español

Submit via email: 
Submit in-person: 201 W. Colfax Ave. Room 1.G.1

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Denver, CO 80202

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