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About the Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan 2040 is the vision for Denver and its people. When complete, it will reflect the voice of thousands of citizens who have shared their hopes, concerns and dreams about the future. It is the guiding document for city leaders, institutions and citizens to shape the city we will become over the next 20 years. Six vision elements will knit together a set of long-term, integrated goals that will guide our future.




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Plan Updates

Growing an Inclusive Denver

November 2017: As part of Denveright and other recent citywide planning efforts, the City and County of Denver will update its 17-year-old Comprehensive Plan 2000 with a new, user-friendly comprehensive plan for the city that will reflect the voice of Denver today, and chart its course for the next two decades.   

A draft of the new comprehensive plan will be released in mid-2018 for public review and comment.


About Comprehensive Plan 2040

Most cities have a comprehensive plan that serves as the community’s broad vision for its future. Comprehensive Plan 2000 has broadly guided Denver’s decisions about land use, mobility, parks, housing, economic growth, arts, culture and sustainability for the last 17 years. Denver has adopted a new comprehensive plan three times since 1977.

Other key citywide plans like Blueprint Denver (2002 land use and transportation plan) and the Game Plan for parks and recreation (2003) are adopted by Denver City Council as supplements to the Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Plan 2000

Thanks to the contributions of scores of volunteer task force members and thousands of Denver residents, the forthcoming Denveright land use, mobility, parks and recreation plans — and other relevant citywide plans already adopted — will contribute key goals to a concise, new and modern comprehensive plan, slated for release in 2018.

Through outreach for Denveright, as the community described its vision and conveyed its values, it became clear that they were looking for a comprehensive vision that was more than any one Denveright plan can capture. Issues like affordability and equity, housing, neighborhood authenticity and climate change came up again and again in conversations about land use, mobility and parks.




Get Involved

We, as a community, have a choice in how we approach the ongoing evolution of our city. By helping us answer the big questions, you and your neighbors will directly shape the community we become. Click below to share your voice.