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About Blueprint Denver

Civic leaders who had a vision for Denver in 2002 created Blueprint Denver, a citywide plan to link land use and transportation. Innovative for its time, the plan served us well — promoting a walk- and bike-friendly city, increased transit service on major corridors, more housing in mixed-use areas, and directing new development to areas where growth is most appropriate. Based on community input, the Blueprint Denver 2018 update will focus on creating a blueprint for an inclusive city made up of "complete" neighborhoods with infrastructure and amenities, diversity of housing choices, further attention to urban design, and more.




Latest Blueprint Denver News

Plan Updates

Growing an Inclusive Denver

Based on your input, city planners are working on a new approach to land use in our city. It acknowledges that all places in our city are constantly evolving in pursuit of becoming complete in their own way — not just through enabling or limiting development, but through quality-of-life infrastructure like safe sidewalks, housing options, transit access, parks and open space. Diversity, affordability and good urban design are key to complete neighborhoods as well. 

Regional centers and corridors would take on the most growth, while the remainder of Denver’s places would evolve in smaller ways. Ensuring the proper scale and intensity for all places — and appropriate transitions between residential areas and other places — are key to livability. 

We hosted workshops in February and March to share potential strategies for your neighborhood and citywide. You can review materials from those workshops here. Stay tuned for a Blueprint Denver draft, due out later this year!


About Blueprint Denver

Established “Areas of Change” and “Areas of Stability” citywide.

  • Blueprint Denver’s innovative “areas of change” and “areas of stability” approach has accommodated significant population growth in areas of change, while maintaining the character of stable neighborhoods by allowing limited growth in areas of stability. We’ve seen up to 10 times the investment in areas of change over areas of stability, even though areas of change represent only 1/5 of our whole city. 

Emphasized multi-modal streets and mixed-use development.

  • Blueprint’s emphasis on multi-modal streets and mixed-use development has kept us focused on strategies to move more people in different ways, and to allow more people to work, live, shop, play (and more) in their own neighborhoods.

Represented the community’s vision.

  • Blueprint's direct contributors included more than 2,000 residents and property owners in Denver’s diverse neighborhoods.

Blueprint Denver 2002

Denver has changed considerably since 2002, and Blueprint has reached the end of its shelf life. It’s time to plan for the next 20 years — and address the city’s ongoing population growth and transit expansion, and as well as sustainability and resilience in the face of climate change. 

  • It’s time for a modern approach to regulations.
  • FasTracks has been a game changer for Denver. How can we better integrate the FasTracks system into our overall land use and transportation planning strategy?

Denver’s rapid growth underscores the need for an updated land use and transportation plan to ensure we’re directing growth to the right places while protecting stable neighborhoods.

Community Profile (PDF), Community Profile Summary (PDF)

  • The community profile is an "existing conditions" report, outlining data about Denver's demographics, mobility systems, comparisons to other cities and more. 

Blueprint Denver 2002 Diagnostic (PDF)

  • The diagnostic assesses the relative success of 2002's Blueprint Denver given the goals it set back then.


Blueprint Denver Task Force meetings are normally held on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Name Organization/Affiliation
Kimball Crangle, co-chair  Gorman & Company
Joel Noble, co-chair INC (Transportation Committee); Denver Planning Board
Andrew Abrams  Denver Metro Association of Realtors
Jesse Adkins American Institute of Architects
Roger Armstrong Central Neighborhood Area Resident (Capitol Hill)
Tim Baldwin Rocky Mountain West Transit and Planning
Brianna Borin Snooze restaurant, CityBuild Denver -- an initiative of the Downtown Denver Partnership
Brent Bowman Southeast Neighborhood Area Resident (Southmoor)
Parry Burnap Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee
Norma Brambila Southwest Neighborhood Area Resident (Westwood)
Leo Carosella Denver Commission on Aging
Mizraim Cordero Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce
Chris Crosby Nichols Partnership
John Desmond Downtown Denver Partnership
Angelle Fouther Far Northeast Neighborhood Area Resident (Montbello)
Gabriel Guillaume LiveWell Colorado
John Hayden Mayor's Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Councilman Christopher Herndon Denver City Council District 8
Geneva Hooten INC (Transportation Committee)
Annie Levinksy Historic Denver
Heather Noyes Northwest Neighborhood Area Resident (Berkeley)
Caitlin Quander Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLC
Trinidad (Trini) Rodriguez Denver Housing Authority, board member
Andrew Sense Northeast Neighborhood Area Resident (City Park West)
Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman Denver Council District 5
Jerry Tinianow Denver Office of Sustainability
Stewart Tucker Lundy Denver Commission for People with Disabilities
Julie Underdahl Denver Planning Board
Margie Valdez INC (Zoning and Planning Committee)
KC Veio Denver Urban Renewal Authority, board member
Joe Vostrejs Larimer Associates
Jeff Walker RTD Board of Directors District D
Dace West Mile High Connects

Blueprint "Complete City" Workshops
Meeting materials 
Feb. 20, 2018, Thomas Jefferson High School
Feb. 21, 2018, Laradon, 5100 Lincoln St.
Feb. 22, 2018, Potenza Lodge Hall, 1900 W. 38th 
Feb. 22, 2018, Dist. 3 Police Station, 1625 S. University
Feb. 27, 2018, Corky Gonzales Library, 1498 Irving
Mar. 1, 2018, All Saints Parish Hall, 2559 S. Federal
Mar. 6, 2018, Community of Christ Church, 480 N. Marion
Mar. 7, 2018, Evie Garrett Dennis Campus, 4800 Telluride
Mar. 8, 2018, Valverde Elementary, 2030 W. Alameda
Mar. 14, 2018, DSST Byers School, 150 S. Pearl St.
Mar. 15, 2018, DSST Stapleton HS, 2000 Valentia 

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 16
February 22, 2018
CAVEA at Metropolitan State University
890 Auraria Parkway, Denver CO
Student Success Building, Room 420 - CAVEA
Meeting presentation (PDF)
Meeting handout (PDF)

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 15
January 19, 2018
201 W. Colfax Ave., Denver

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 14
September 28, 2017
890 Auraria Parkway, Denver
CAVEA Student Success Building, Room 420
Meeting presentation (PDF)
Meeting summary (PDF) 

Blueprint Denver Workshops - Growth Strategies & Draft Maps
September 13, 2018, Maxwell Elementary, NE Denver
September 14, 2018, University of Denver, SE Denver
September 19, 2018, Doull Elementary, SW Denver
September 20, 2018, Scheitler Rec Center, NW
September 21, 2018, East High School, central Denver
Meeting presentation (PDF)  |  En español (PDF)

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 13
August 24, 2017
DRCOG, 1290 Broadway
Meeting summary (PDF)
Presentation 1 (PDF)
Presentation 2 (PDF)
Presentation 3 (PDF)
Presentation 4 (PDF)

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 12
July 27, 2017
CAVEA at Metropolitan State University
890 Auraria Parkway, Student Success Building Room 420 - CAVEA 
Meeting summary (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 11
June 22, 2017
DRCOG, 1290 Broadway 
Meeting summary (PDF)
Pres. 1 - Design Guidelines for the Public Realm (PDF)
Pres. 2 - DRCOG: Aging in Denver & the Region (PDF)
Pres.3 - Urban Design & Its Role in Blueprint (PDF)
Pres. 4 - Impact of Changing Demographics (PDF)
Pres. 5 - School District Enrollment Trends (PDF)

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 10
May, 25, 2017
CAVEA at Metropolitan State University
890 Auraria Parkway, Student Success Building
Room 420 - CAVEA
Presentation (PDF)
Meeting summary (PDF)

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 9
April 27, 2017
201 W. Colfax Ave., Room 4.G.2, Denver
Presentation 1 - EJ Klock-McCook (PDF)
Presentation 2 - Ken Schroeppel (PDF)
Presentation 3 -- Troy Russ (PDF)
Presentation 4 -- Jill Locantore (PDF)
Meeting summary (PDF)


Blueprint Denver Community Workshop on Growth
April 25, 2017
951 Elati St., Denver
Presentation - growth scenarios, growth game steps (PDF)
Summary of growth scenario slides (PDF)


Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 8
March 23, 2017
890 Auraria Pkwy #420
Presentation (PDF)
Meeting Summary (PDF)
Handouts (PDF)


Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 7
February 23, 2017
890 Auraria Pkwy #420
Presentation (PDF)
Meeting 7 summary (PDF)


Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 6
January 26, 2017
890 Auraria Pkwy #420
Presentation (PDF)
Meeting 6 summary (PDF)


Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 5
December 7, 2016
890 Auraria Pkwy #420
Presentation (PDF)
Community Profile (30 MB PDF)
Community Profile Summary (PDF)
Meeting 5 summary (PDF)

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 4
October 27, 2016
890 Auraria Pkwy #420
Presentation (PDF)
Meeting 4 summary (PDF)
Meeting materials: None

Denveright Community Visioning Workshops & Surveys
October 4 & 5 (workshops)
For recap and most materials, visit our Your Voice page.
Blueprint Community Visioning Input Summary (PDF)

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 3
September 22, 2016
890 Auraria Pkwy #420
Presentation (PDF)
Meeting 3 summary (PDF)
Meeting materials: Preliminary planning plan (PDF)

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 2
July 28, 2016
890 Auraria Pkwy #420
Presentation (PDF)
Meeting Summary (PDF)
Meeting materials: Task Force comment card (PDF)

Blueprint Denver Task Force Meeting 1
June 23, 2016
890 Auraria Pkwy #420
Presentation (PDF) 
Meeting Summary (PDF)

Meeting materials:




Blueprint Denver Timeline 2016-2018

Infographic showing blueprint denver timeline of events.



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