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About Denver Moves: Transit

As our population grows, Denver needs more transportation choices to move more people efficiently and safely on our existing street network as we continue to grow and develop as a city. For the first time, and with input from the community, Denver is creating a 20-year transit vision and implementation plan for Denver. The Denver Moves: Transit plan will create a local transit vision by convening community conversations to understand the existing transit system and how we can make it even better for all Denver residents, employees, and visitors. 


Latest Transit Headlines

Plan Updates

Denver Moves: Transit Draft Goals

After hearing from you during the first phase of Denver Moves: Transit, we've identified five goals to guide future transit investments in Denver and complement the Denveright Vision Elements.

Read more about the draft goals:icons: five Denver Moves Transit goal illustrations

What we've heard about transit from the community (PDF)

Next Steps: What’s next for Denver Moves: Transit? See the project phases schedule (PDF)


About Denver Moves: Transit

Denver Moves Transit Task Force Meeting #1
July 26, 2016
VISIT DENVER Boardroom, 1555 California St, Ste 300

Meeting #1 Summary (PDF)

Denver Moves Transit Task Force Meeting #2
October 3, 2016
VISIT DENVER Boardroom, 1555 California St, Ste 300

Meeting #2 Summary (PDF)

Denver Moves Transit Task Force Meeting #3
December 1, 2016
Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP) Boardroom, 1515 Arapahoe St, Tower 2, Suite 400

Meeting #3 Summary (PDF)

Denver Moves Transit Task Force Meeting #4
February 2, 2017
Visit Denver Boardroom (Convention & Visitor Bureau Offices) 1555 California Street, Suite 300 1:00 - 3:30pm

Meeting #4 Summary (PDF)

Denver Moves Transit Task Force Meeting #5
April 6, 2017
Visit Denver Boardroom (Convention & Visitor Bureau Offices) 1555 California Street, Suite 300 1:00 - 3:30pm

Presentation (PDF)

Agenda (PDF)

Denver Moves Transit Task Force Meeting #6
June 1, 2017
Visit Denver Boardroom (Convention & Visitor Bureau Offices) 1555 California Street, Suite 300 1:00 - 3:30pm

Presentation (PDF)

Agenda (PDF)

Name Organization/Affiliation
Kathleen Osher, co-chair  Transit Alliance
Ellen Winkler, co-chair INDUSTRY 
Paul Aldretti Mile High Connects 
Stuart Anderson Transportation Solutions
Liz Babcock Denver Department of Environmental Health
Tangier Barnes Wright Groundwork Denver
Jordan Block Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee
Laura Brudzynski Denver Office of Economic Development 
Tiffany Eck VISIT Denver
Andy Farr Southeast Neighborhood Area Resident (University Hills)
Councilman Kevin Flynn Denver Council District 2
Trevor Greco Northwest Neighborhood Area Resident (West Highland)
Ellen Ittelson Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Dr. Antwan Jefferson Far Northeast Neighborhood Area Resident (Green Valley Ranch)
Councilwoman Robin Kniech Council At-Large
Angie Rivera-Malpiede Stapleton Foundation; Northeast Transportation Connections
Daniel Hutton Denver South Transportation Management Association
Aylene McCallum Downtown Denver Partnership
Kirk Miller ADAPT
Chris Nevitt Denver Department of Community Planning & Development
Joel Noble INC (Transportation Committee); Denver Planning Board
Nicole Portee Denver Public Schools
Merritt Pullam Central Neighborhood Area Resident (Mayfair)
Bill Sirois Regional Transportation District 
Jessica Skibo Denver Women’s Commission
Piep van Heuven Northeast Denver Area Resident (Park Hill)
Barbara Weiske Auraria Higher Education Center
Diane Young Denver Commission on Aging

Name Organization/Affiliation

Estee Dechtman

Denver School of the Arts

Sindimwo Thierry

Denver School of Innovation and Design

Devon Musselman

East High School

Selma Mohamed

George Washington High School

Diaraye Diallo 

Denver School of Science and Technology: Cole1

Kobi Truesdale

Denver School of Science and Technology: Cole

Taylor Parrish

Denver School of Science and Technology: Green Valley

Cornelius Foxworth

East High School

Over the last two decades, the Denver region has made significant investments in the RTD transit system to help Denver and the region accommodate growth. Regional investments including Union Station and FasTracks are critically important but are only one piece of the puzzle —travelers within the city of Denver require fast, frequent, and convenient connections to jobs, neighborhoods, schools, and services.

With increasing demand on our transit system, now is the time for Denver to examine how transit can play a key role in creating a successful mobility system that moves more people and provides more freedom of choice for people to move into, out of and through our city as our population grows. 

Mobility is a key ingredient to connect people to jobs, housing and a high quality of life. Denver is creating a safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation system, providing people with more choices and the freedom to get around town on the travel modes that meet their day-to-day needs.

Leveraging RTD’s investments in rail and bus, Denver Moves: Transit will identify a local vision for transit that enhances the current transit system to attract ridership and build a culture of transit in Denver. A local vision for transit in Denver will help accommodate the city’s unprecedented growth and sus­tain Denver as the healthy and vibrant community that has attracted such growth. Denver Moves: Transit will both set a vision for transit in Denver and explore options for the City’s role in delivering that vision in how we can make the existing transit system even better, in partnership with RTD.

Through community engagement, the Denver Moves: Transit planning effort will work to educate residents about transit opportunities, costs and potential tradeoffs. With input from the community, the plan will identify citywide needs, values and a shared vision, and then define priorities for providing intercity transit solutions for our neighborhoods and connecting key corridors and local streets to the regional transit system.

The plan will align projects in phases that reflect the community’s priorities and available funding sources. Finally, the plan will determine costs and evaluate funding mechanisms and policies required to achieve the vision.




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