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Community Corrections Division

The Community Corrections Division provides vital, cost-effective programs which serve as an alternative to incarceration for individuals approved to participate in community supervision programs. These programs protect the community by monitoring offenders and their activities and help ensure criminal patterns are not repeated.
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Our Success

Pretrial Supervision Services
Jail bed days saved

Save$999,050 in 2011
Electronic Monitoring Program

Saved $1,295,333 in 2011
Community Residential Programs
  • Less than 2% of participants are terminated from the program for the commission of a new crime during residential placement.
  • One year post residential completion 85.4% of participants remained crime free.
  • Two years post residential completion 73.2% of participants remained crime free.

Common Questions

The community residential program consists of a network of residential facilities, sometimes referred to as halfway houses, for adult felons either being diverted or returning from a prison bed.  Individuals are approved for placement by the community corrections board and receive supervision and treatment services to increase their likelihood of successful re-entry into the community.

Electronic Monitoring is a cost effective approach to managing offender populations. Electronic monitoring uses technology that commonly consists of a base unit and an “ankle bracelet” provides information ( location and alcohol use) to the supervising agency.

To make a credit card payment online, you will need the client’s Stay ID # which can be located on many of documents given to the client.

Payments can also be made at our office located at 303 West Colfax Ave, 16 th Floor, Denver, CO, 80204.  The office is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm.  The program accepts cash, money order or visa/master card/discover.  No personal checks will be accepted. 

Shortly after being arrested and booked into the Denver Detention Center, pretrial staff will conduct an interview and a pretrial assessment that at the first court appearance will assist the Judge with the setting of bond and any conditions of release.  If pretrial supervision is ordered, you will be required to meet regularly with  a pretrial officer and comply with court ordered supervision conditions until disposition of the case or removal by the court

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Division of Community Corrections

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Greg Mauro, Director Community Corrections
Phone: (720) 913-8252

Mary Beth Wise, Operations Manager
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