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Home Energy

Energy efficiency resources for Denver residents.

Homes in Denver come in a variety of shapes and sizes. More importantly, how we use energy at home varies throughout the year due to the change of season, number of residents or how much we pay for energy. Making your home energy efficienct can improve comfort while reducing your energy bills. It can also help the City meet its climate goals while protecting public health.

Consider an energy audit to assess your home’s energy use before beginning projects. 

A home energy audit is a 2-3 hour diagnosis of your home performed by a certified and licensed auditor. A report will identify opportunities to improve your home now, and into the future when it’s time to replace appliances such as your heating or cooling systems. 

Prioritize Upgrades

Behavior Changes

  • Open/close blinds during hot or cold days
  • Install motion sensors/timers
  • Utilize power strips to turn off stand-by power

DIY Measures

  • Insulate hot water pipes and older water heaters
  • Utilize storm windows instead of replacing windows
  • Place a chimney balloon in your fireplace
  • Establish annual heating and cooling maintenance to maintain the life of your appliances
  • Weather-stripping and caulking around doors and windows

Low-Cost Changes

  • Change out incandescent bulbs to LEDs
  • Insulate and air seal attic, crawlspace and walls where possible

Higher-Cost Changes

  • Upgrade heating/cooling systems
  • Upgrade appliances to Energy Star rated

Additional Options

Be sure that your contractor is licensed to work within the City & County of Denver and pulling appropriate permits for your projects.

Licensed Contractor Search

Xcel Energy Contractors – click here

Why Permits Matter 

Rebates through Xcel Energy


  • RENU Loan – Colorado Energy Office statewide energy loan program click here

This loan makes energy upgrades easy and affordable by offering low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. 

Tax Credits

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency click here

1. Neighborhood Roadmap – Securing a Group Discount click here.

A helpful tool for neighborhoods/groups interested in facilitating a group discount for a specific home energy efficiency measures like insulation, furnace, evaporative coolers, solar etc.

2. Sustainable Neighborhoods Program – Is your neighborhood involved? check here

This program supports Denver neighborhoods in deepening their sustainability efforts, while getting support and recognition from the City.