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The Partners in Food Safety Program works to recognize Denver food facilities that promote and maintain excellent food safety practices. 

View the criteria below to determine if a facility is eligible, then apply. An investigator will contact you within 30 days. 



  1. Facility must not have more than two critical violations per inspection conducted by Denver Environmental Health (DEH) on the last two full inspections, as well as any limited inspections. To access inspection reports, visit
  2. Facility must have a formal training program for all food handling employees. This training must ensure all new staff who handle food are properly trained in basic food safety, and must be completed within three months of the hire date. Formal training can include DEH's food safety class, classes offered on, or a comparable course. 
  3. Facilitiy must not have any fines from administrative citations issued by DEH within the last 12 months. 
  4. Facility must not have any confirmed foodborne illness outbreaks within the last 12 months. 
  5. Facility must score at least 50 points on the DEH Active Managerial Control Evaluation. Applicants must complete the evaluation with an investigator. As part of this evaluation, the facility must show applicable documentation.


Bar Red, 437 W Colfax Ave

Beach Court Elementary, 4590 Beach Ct

Chipotle, 3600 W 32nd Ave

Cowell Elementary School, 4540 W10th Ave

Dairy Queen, 2205 S Broadway

DCIS - Baker, 574 6th Ave

Denver Language School, 451 Newport St

Dora Moore Elementary, 846 Corona St

DSST Byers, 50 Pearl St

Edison Elementary School, 3350 Quitman St

Elways DIA, 8900 Pena Blvd

Garden Place Academy, 4425 Lincoln Street

Green Lee Elementary, 1150 Lipan St

Gust Elementary School, 3440 W Yale Ave

Historians Ale House, 24 N Broadway

Florence Crittenden School, 451 S Tejon St

J Street (Mobile), 3046 S Downing St

McKinley Thatcher Elementary School, 1230 S Grant St

Newlon Elementary School, 361 Vrain St

Kepner Middle School, 911 S Hazel Ct

North High School, 2960 N Speer Blvd

Lounge 5280 at DIA, 8900 Pena Blvd

Max Gill & Grill, 1052 S Gaylord St

Morey Middle School, 840 E 14th Ave

Munroe Elementary School, 3440 W Virgina Ave

Panda Express #2265, 7850 W Quincy

Qdoba, 2100 S University

Taco Bell #9403, 7150 Leetsdale Dr

Traylor Academy, 2900 S Ivan Way

Rishel Middle School, 451 S Tejon St

Rosenberg's Bagels, 725 E 26th Ave

Strive Sunnyside, 4735 Pecos St

Valdez Elementary School, 2525 W 29th Ave

Valverde Elementary School, 2030 W Alameda St

Westerly Creek Elementary School, 8800 E 28th Ave


Blue Bonnet, 457 S Broadway Ave

Denver Human Services, Work Options for Women, 1200 Federal Blvd

Elways at DIA, Denver Airport 8900 Pena Blvd

Esters Neighborhood Pub, 1950 S Holly St

Four Seasons Banquet Kitchen, 1111 14th Street

Four Seasons Hotel, 1111 14th Street

Lounge 5280, Denver Airport 8900 Pena Blvd

Lechugas, 3609 Tejon St

Maria Empanada, 1298 S Broadway

Marriott Springhill Suites Denver Downtown at MSU Denver, 1190 Auraria Pkwy

Pasta Pasta Pasta, 2800 E 2nd Ave

Porter Adventist Hospital, 2525 S Downing St

Pour La France!, Denver Airport 8900 Pena Blvd

Protein Bar, 1755 16th Street

Village Inn, 4850 Federal Blvd


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