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Welcome to Strategic Initiatives, Where Tomorrow Matters
Strategic Initiatives is committed to efficient energy management and sustainability initiatives for the City and County of Denver.

Approximately 90% of Strategic Initiatives' (SI) overall budget is for energy and utility expenses. The 2012 budget was based on the previous year’s expenses, and was adjusted for new facilities and utility rate increases.

Some Recent Highlights:

  • Utilities Management completed 2012 $1.4 million under budget
  • Denver was the 1st municipality in Colorado to enter into a Joint Energy Efficiency Program (JEEP) with Xcel. The program will ensure advanced coordination on rebates and establishes target goals for city energy reduction efforts
  • Collaborated with other agencies to complete over $1.5 million in energy efficiency projects funded by the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG).

The City’s Sustainability Fund is used to fund projects and studies on City facilities that improve energy performance, reduce operational and utility costs, and enhance occupant comfort. The fund is managed by SI and funded through a combination of an annual appropriation of approximately $190,000 as well as utility rebates generated by energy-efficiency projects.

In 2012 the City received over $400,000 in utility rebates, all of which were reinvested in new energy efficiency and sustainability projects. Some of the projects funded include:

  • Ozone laundry system at Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center.
  • Lighting at Minoru Yasui Building, Botanic Gardens, and numerous libraries, recreation centers, and safety facilities.
  • Envelope improvements at Five Points Community Center and La Familia recreation center.
  • Mechanical improvements at Denver Zoo and numerous recreation centers.

Strategic Initiatives is leading the Department of General Services in their sustainability and energy conservation programs.

The links below highlight some of Strategic Initiatives on-going programs:

  • Performance Contracting is a contract where the energy savings pay for the audit and energy conservation measures. It is a sustainable, cost-saving solution, to minimize the City's financial investments and maximize operational efficiencies.
  • LED Streetlights is a pilot project currently being conducted in The Highlands to identify potential future cost-savings for the City's utility usage.
  • Facility Commissioning and Assessment Program is an analysis program which improves the City's ability to increase the accuracy of our budget forecasting and preventative maintenance forecasting. On-Call Vendors have been hired to fulfill the needs of the Facility Conditioning and Assessment Program. 

    Strategic Initiatives, Facilities Management and Public Works have successfully consolidated the Facility Conditioning Assessment and Re-Commissioning process, into the Facility Commissioning and Assessment Program (FCAP).  This endeavor reduces identified duplicative efforts.

    The Facility Commissioning and Assessment Program (FCAP) is a standardized approach for assessing the state, health and efficiency of assets and systems in a building or facility by documenting and tracking the changing conditions.  The results of the FCAP enhance the accuracy of budgeting, reporting, forecasting and benchmarking of maintenance and CIP expenditures, for individual buildings or across a portfolio.  Activities including energy audits and re/retro/ongoing commissioning, which helps ensure a facility is performing efficiently, reducing operational costs, and improving environmental performance.

    Strategic Initiatives has developed and launched the On-Call Vendors RFP, and is in the final stages of contract revision. Contracts should be completed, and Facility Commissioning and Assessment initiated, by the end of the 4
    th fiscal quarter, 2013.