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Denver Partners Against Graffiti | Because Neighborhoods Matter

About Denver's Partners Against Graffiti

Denver Partners Against Graffiti provides free graffiti removal assistance on business and residential properties within the City & County of Denver. Our crews remove graffiti using current equipment and graffiti removal methods (painting, hand cleaning or power washing).

We also offer graffiti removal supplies to citizens for their property and community, organize graffiti cleanups, speak at schools, businesses, community and civic groups, and help provide a variety of volunteer opportunities to keep our communities graffiti free.

Graffiti Oversight Committee

Committee members

Judy Montero (chair)
Andrew Armatas
Marilee Aust
Seif Bendiff
Rion Bergquist
Patti Blanchard
Ben Blanchard
David Booth
Jerrilie Bylsma
Dean Contos
Jerome Davis
Dave DeForest-Stalls
Margaret Escamilla
Tom Fazio
Lisa Flores
Sarah Funk
Francisco Gallardo
Eric Garcia-Gillespie
Margot Gilbert-Frank
Ted Gill
  Tom Gordon
Leslie Juniel
Stella Madrid
Todd McGuire
Scott Meiklejohn
Constance Mortell
Janice Packard
Don Pesek
Ken Shoopman
Regina Skov
Amber Smith
Steve Steele
Errol Stevens
Jaime Tafoya
Wendy Tally
Anthony Thomas
Diane Wolta
Stella Yu
Bob Zaragoza


Ex-Officio members:

Jan Brennan, Denver's Office of Cultural Affairs
Amber Callender, Mayor’s Office
Regina Huerter, Managers Office of Safety
Danamarie Schmitt, Denver Public Works – Solid Waste Management
Doug Stephens, Denver Police Dept.
Neddra Niblet, Denver Public Works – Solid Waste Management
John Poley, City Attorney’s Office
Erin Trapp, Denver's Office of Cultural Affairs


Report & Remove Graffiti

Reporting and promptly removing graffiti are the 2 best ways to help stop graffiti in Denver.

Graffiti Ordinances

Quicker graffiti cleanup turnaround time after notification (once posted, 48 hours for non-residential property and 72 hours for residential property) from previous 10 days

  • Free graffiti-removal assistance from the City, upon request
  • Free graffiti-removal supplies (paint, etc.) from the City
  • Shared responsibility for graffiti abatement
  •  to remove graffiti from private property

  • Decrease the time graffiti vandalism is present in a community
  • Decrease the incidents and frequency of repeat vandalism on a property
  • Make nearby properties less vulnerable to graffiti vandalism
  • Support the efforts of conscientious owners and tenants who maintain their property
  • Improve City abatement team response time