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Become a Denver "Brush-Off" Partner


Research suggests that the presence of graffiti “creates an environment that breeds bigger crimes.” Understanding that graffiti vandalism is a quality of life issue, Mayor Hancock and the City Council have made graffiti prevention a top priority in Denver by increasing graffiti cleanup, education and enforcement efforts. But we can’t prevent graffiti alone! That’s why we’ve created "The Brush Off" campaign – a partnership between the City and concerned citizens.

"The Brush Off" campaign provides an easy way for everyone to help prevent graffiti in our neighborhoods. Brush Off partners agree to keep a spot (such as a sign, pole, or dumpster) near their home or business clean, using free graffiti-removal supplies provided by the City. Research shows that promptly removing graffiti (ideally 24 – 48 hours after it appears) decreases repeat graffiti vandalism. "Brush Off" partners are encouraged to remove graffiti from their spots as soon as possible. We hope you’ll become a Brush Off partner.  Graffiti vandalism effects everyone... we need everyone to be part of the solution.

"The Brush Off" program gives every citizen the power to create and maintain clean, graffiti-free communities. Becoming a "Brush Off" partner is easy. Simply sign a pledge and tell us how you will participate in the program.

Partnership opportunities

  • Request FREE paint and promptly remove graffiti from your property.
  • Request FREE paint to cover graffiti in your neighborhood, on public property, dumpsters, signs and poles.
  • Request FREE assistance to remove the graffiti you are unable to remove or have access to.
  • Report all graffiti vandalism in your community.
  • Make your property less attractive to graffiti vandals, install motion sensor lighting, secure gates, repair broken fences, apply protective sealers, and be watchful of what is going on in your neighborhood!    

To become a "Brush Off" partner, download a  pledge form or dial 3-1-1 to contact us.


Annual Graffiti "Brush Off" & Litter Cleanup 2016

This year our volunteers went to work along the Federal Boulevard corridor in west Denver to remove graffiti, pick up little litter and enhance the community. Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

Sponsors: Albertsons, Frito Lay, Home Depot #1505, and the Pepsi Beverage Company.

For information on how you can become a "Brush Off" partner and adopt a traffic sign/utility pole in your community, or where you can pick up supplies to remove graffiti from your property call 311.


Brush-Off Partners

Cindy R.
Jason J.

Norm B.
Clentintine S.
Jean F.
Karene B.
Mary. W.
Jean F.
Paul G.
Art C.

Dianna K.

Martin H.
Marcia V.
Kelly H.
Efren L.
Denise L.
Loretta D.
Ammee J.
Dave O.
Margaret E.

Patricia P.
Catherine S.
Kris P.
Allen R.
Lynn P.
Allen R.
Marlane B.
Norm B.
Charley S.
Damian H.
Eric J.
K. Jackson
Catherine S.
Jeff W.
Shari L.
Michael B.
Kevin D.
JoAnn G.

Jesse R.
Mary M.
Bill U.
Kevin K.
Sherrie M.
Mary M.
Elaine & Johna F

Rene L.
JoAnn P.
Karrie Y.
Noni S.
Louis S.
Danie T.
Judy W.
Francine C.
Eddie F.
Troy G.
Helen G.
Oswaldo S.
Jaime S.
Heather H.
Ron P.
Mary-Frances M.
Paige W.
Margarita M.
Louis S.
Frances O.
Rosie R.
Enlinida R.
Kathy S.
Phyllis T.
Thomas T.
Janice & Mike B.
Chris D.
Annette G.
Frank & Rosa H.
Joel H.
Jose C.
Jordan F.