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Career Service Board Decisions and Orders

Steckman, Danial, CSB 30-15 (1/19/17)

Sawyer, Richard, CSB 16-16 (2/16/17)

Lawrence, Donna, CSB 41-16 (3/2/17)

Leyba, Sonya, CSB, CSB 31-16 (3/2/17)

Espinoza, Frank, CSB 14-16 (3/8/17)

Fuller, Monwell, CSB 46-16 (3/16/17)

Roybal, Stephen, CSB 44-16 (5/18/17)

Jackson, William, CSB 52-16 (6/16/17)

Romero, Anna, CSB 28-16 (6/16/17)

Williams, Daniel, CSB 52-16 (6/16/17)

Rocha, Isabella, CSB 19-16 (7/6/17)

Leyba, Sonya, CSB 25-16 (8/3/17)

Barra, Angela, CSB 01-16 (8/3/17)

Bosveld, Ryan, CSB 53-16A (11/16/17)

Santistevan, Jose, CSB 75-16A (11/16/17)

No 2005 CSB Decisions