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Decisions by Subject

Below is a listing of topics presented to the Career Service Hearing Office.  Click on any highlighted topic to be redirected to summaries of appeal decisions that discussed the topic.  

 (of appeal)
   Issues on
Arbitrary and Capricious
Back Pay (See Remedies - Back pay)
Burden of Proof  
   Arbitrary and capricious
   Back pay offset
   Failure to mitigate
   In general
   In general
   Constitutional rights
   Construction of rules
Career Status (See Status)
Disability (See also §§ 5-84, 15-100, 19-10)
Discipline (See also Rule 16)
   In general
   Degree of discipline
   Progressive discipline
   Verbal reprimanad
   Written reprimand
Discrimination (See also § 15-100) 
   In general
       Legitimate non-discriminatory reason
   National origin
   Political affiliation
   Religious affiliation
Dismissal (of appeal)
Disqualification (See  § 14-20) 
Drug Testing  
Due Process  
Employment status (See Status) 
Essential Job Functions (See Discrimination - Disability) 
   Protective order
Hostile work environment (See Harassment)
Issues (on appeal)
Jurisdiction (See also §§ 19-10, 19-43) 
   In general
   Motion to dismiss
Layoff (See also Rule 14 beginning at § 14-40)

Penalty  (See also Discipline §16-50)
PEPR - Performance Enhancement Program Report (See § 19-10 A.2.c.)
Protective Order  
Remedies (See also Rule 19 § 19-55 )
Rules (Construction of)  

   Career status
   On call
Timeliness of Appeal (See § 19-20 and Appeals - Timeliness)  
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