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Women's Commission Public Statement Regarding Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Mayor Hancock

The Denver Women’s Commission is troubled by recent allegations of sexual harassment against Mayor Michael B. Hancock. As a Commission dedicated to empowering Denver women and girls, we believe that harassment—in any form—is unacceptable.

We at the Denver Women’s Commission hear you. We see you. Calling sexual harassment by its name, whether jointly perceived or not, ensures that victims feel supported and safe to come forward.

The Denver Women’s Commission stands in full support of all courageous individuals, like Police Detective Leslie Branch-Wise, who so bravely came forward to shine a light on this pervasive behavior. We also stand with the victims who have made the decision to remain silent due to circumstances outside of their control.

On this day, March 1st, we met with Mayor Hancock to speak truth to the privilege of his power as a leader of our City and how abuse of that power causes systemic damage.

Enough is enough. We are dedicated to creating change. Denver’s women deserve better.