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Immigrants and refugees form a valuable component of Denver's community and contribute to the economic, social and cultural fabric of the City. Immigrant integration insists on an interaction between the Newcomer and the established community to encourage a sense of belonging and make steps toward each other to foster prosperity.

The Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships and the Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs honor the positive contributions of our immigrant and refugee communities and support their integration in Denver. Many immigrants make their way to Denver through civil war, torture, and economic or political oppression with a persistent spirit of hope and determination to establish better lives for themselves and their children.

A few facts about immigrants in Denver

  • How many of Denver's Residents were born in another country? 16% Citywide. The top 5 immigrant neighborhoods are Kennedy, Westwood, Barnum, Montbello and Elyria-Swansea.
  • How many languages are spoken by families whose children attend Denver Public Schools? 145 languages. The top five languages spoken are English (55%), Spanish (39%), Vietnamese, Arabic, Somali and Nepali
  • How many refugees were resettled in Colorado in 2013? 2199 individuals. They are from 43 different countries, the majority arriving from Bhutan (Nepal), Burma, Ethiopia, Iraq, and Somalia.
  • How many immigrants became citizens in 2012? 680,000 in the united States. 7,000 are in Colorado.

The Denver Immigrant Community and Neighborhood Assessment provides an introduction to Denver's diverse international communities and targeted profiles of the eight neighborhoods with the highest percentage of immigrants:

Immigrant & Refugee Integration

Athmar Park, Barnum, East Colfax, Elyria Swansea, Mar Lee, Montbello, Ruby Hill, Westwood

Each neighborhood profile provides a quick snapshot of other important indicators of the residents in that neighborhood including the languages spoken, countries of origin and neighborhood assets - schools, community agencies and nonprofits and places of worship. 


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City Wide Map


Foreign Born Density

(Census 2007-2011)


Foreign Born Density

(Census 2006-2010)

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The recent Trump Administration Executive Orders regarding immigration, deportation and travel have caused sincere confusion and concern in our communities. In the coming days and weeks, the Hancock Administration will be gearing up legal protections and supportive services and working with other providers to ensure immigrant and refugee communities have the resources they need and know what their rights are. That starts with empowering people with information and resources.

Denver has a history of welcoming immigrants and refugees and will continue to act as a welcoming city and an ally for all new arrivals. 


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