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Office on Women and Families

The mission of the Denver Office on Women & Families is to serve as a focal point for Denver women to attain equity, inclusivity, and opportunity by partnering with non-profits, businesses, government agencies, and community based organizations in the City and County of Denver to address issues affecting women and families. The office will work towards enhancing the quality of life for women and families through Collaboration and Community/Civic Engagement.

Collaboration: Participation - Develop collaborative relationships with constituents and encourage participation in City government through partnership building by engaging multiple sectors (residential, business, non-profit, for-profit, education, and government) to partner with in order to prioritize strategies to enhance the quality of life for women in Denver.

Community/Civic Engagement: Convener - The office will serve as a convener for constituents and Denver community members to provide an environment for problem solving and building collaborative partnerships. The office will empower and serve women and families in the City and County of Denver by making connections to address the needs of our community.

Clocking In - See how you can stand up for fair wages

Clocking In

See how you can stand up for fair wages!

"In the fastest growing sectors of our economy, people of color and women are clocking into jobs that offer low wages, inadequate benefits, lack of advancement opportunities and unfair scheduling." -

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