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Mayor Hancock Statement on Civic Center Park Following 4/20 Event, Launches Top-to-Bottom Review of Event

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock issued the following statement regarding the condition of Civic Center Park following the 4/20 event and announced a top-to-bottom review of policies, procedures, and requirements for this event and others:

“Seeing our Civic Center in a state of disrepair was for many in our city – including myself – deeply disappointing and discouraging. Our parks and public spaces are held in the public trust, and when organizers hold an event at one of these spaces, they have a responsibility to uphold that public trust. And when organizers leave one of our parks trashed, they violate that trust. Further, we experienced an event that was under-resourced and presented numerous safety hazards. This level of disorganization displayed before, during and after the event requires additional action by the city.

“Last Friday, city staff addressed the glaring issues that required immediate action with the event organizers to bring a swift resolution to the state that Civic Center was left in overnight. As we do after every event, we are gathering information from our departments on what occurred, and will address any violations. I have also ordered a thorough review of this event, including requirements and enforcement, to prevent this type of disrespect for our public spaces and ensure that event staff, event goers and the public’s safety is properly maintained.”

This review comes on the heels of an event hosted in Civic Center Park last week that experienced notable safety concerns and left the park in disarray. City officials will review events’ trash management, public safety and security policies along with other relevant event impacts to ensure the protection of our community as well as Denver’s parks and open spaces. The review will be led by the Office of Special Events, and will be subject to the new Public Event Policy and Park Rules and Regulations adopted in October 2016, among other policies.