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Study Finds Gender Pay Equity for City Employees

Denver to Host Summit to Advance Pay Equity

DENVER – Denver announced today an independent analysis that found the City and County of Denver provides its employees with equal pay for equal work. The findings of the study were delivered during a Denver Women’s Commission meeting earlier this month. 

After reviewing the average base pay for male and female employees within city government, the study found no gender pay inequity based upon job classification in 382 individual job classifications.

“I’m proud to know that our compensation efforts to provide ‘like pay for like work’ are serving our employees,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said. “It’s 2017, which means that employers are overdue in placing significant focus on equal pay practices. We hope that Denver can stand as an example of how the public and private sectors can reach these goals.”

The Mayor continued, “Our efforts to advance gender equity in workplace settings and beyond is not done. In fact, we’re co-hosting government and private sector partners at the It’s Time 2017 Denver Gender Equity Summit next month to help encourage development of short-term strategies and long-term infrastructure at employers across the region to promote equity and inclusion.”

The Gender Pay Equity Analysis was conducted at the request of Mayor Hancock and the Denver Women’s Commission.

The Denver Office of Human Resources hired Segal Waters, a national leader in compensation analysis, to gather compensation data across all grades and job classifications for Career Service, Civil Service and Appointee job classifications. Using salary data for all city employees, the analysis aimed to objectively analyze and compare salary data to determine the city’s level of gender pay equity.

Human Resources conducted additional analyses based on Segal Water’s results, which determined that there are occupational groups that typically fall along gender lines, which is found in the US. Labor market as well as in Denver.  

“With our partnership with the Women’s Commission, we are focused on learning and development, and encouraging female candidates to explore all of their career options. We have placed an emphasis on attracting female applicants to career paths that have tended to typically draw more male candidates and vice versa.  We are seeing very positive results as we continue these initiatives” said Karen Niparko, Executive Director of the Office of Human Resources. 

“The Women’s Commission is grateful to Mayor Hancock for acknowledging and taking on these important issues around pay equity. By proceeding with the Commission’s recommendation to conduct a citywide gender pay equity analysis, the Mayor has demonstrated the city’s firm commitment to ensuring wage parity and to furthering Denver’s reputation as a premier city in which to live and work. The Commission is thrilled to see Denver taking the lead on issues of pay equity and equal opportunity benefits, and we are proud to stand with the Mayor in continuing these important efforts,” the Denver Women’s Commission said.

In partnership with the Mayor’s Office, It’s Time Network, and Human Resources, the Women’s Commission will host the It’s Time 2017 Denver Gender Equity Summit on May 31, 2017. The goal of the summit is to convene a cross-section of leaders, including metro-area mayors, foundations, and key stakeholders from the business and nonprofit sectors, to examine how internal practices and external guidelines can promote gender equity and inclusion in every workplace. The event is free and open to the public.

Details about the It’s Time 2017 Denver Gender Equity Summit:

Who: Denver Women’s Commission and partners

What: It’s Time 2017 Denver Gender Equity Summit

When: May 31, 2017 from 9:00am-6:00pm

Where: Auraria Campus-Tivoli Student Union, 890 Auraria Pkwy #410, Denver, CO 80204 

For more information on the Segal Waters study summary, click HERE.

For more information about the It’s Time 2017 Denver Gender Equity Summit, click HERE.

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The Denver Women’s Commission promotes the social, economic and political quality of life in Denver by assisting women in the attainment of equality and full opportunity by advocating for women; empowering women through coalition building, disseminating information and sharing community resources; monitoring and recommending legislation and proposed policy changes affecting women. The Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.  They serve 2 year terms. Commissioners must live or work in the City and County of Denver.