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RTD EcoPass

Lightrail car stopped at a station.

Due to the importance of utilizing alternative transportation, the city participates in and subsidizes the cost of the EcoPass and ValuPass programs with the Regional Transportation District (RTD).

Both programs allow employees to use RTD's bus and light rail services as alternative transportation to and from work.

Enrollment Advantages:

  • Reduces commuting costs and hassles
  • Pay for commuting expenses with pretax dollars
  • No parking issues
  • Peace of Mind provided by Guaranteed Ride Home Program sponsored by Denver Regional Council of Governments  (Eco Pass only)
The EcoPass is an RTD-issued photo ID card called a smart card. The monthly cost is $46 (pre-tax) and is deducted from the 2nd paycheck of each month. Starting January 1, 2018, the monthly price for the EcoPass will $10 pre-tax for eligible employees.

Enrollment Provisions

  • Eligible employees may enroll at anytime:
    EcoPass is available to full-time city employees.  Part-time employees may contact OHR Benefits for transit pass options.
  • City employees at Denver International Airport previously enrolled in the ValuePass program will need to enroll in the EcoPass program by January 1, 2018.

To enroll, employees must see a benefits representative in the OHR Benefits office, located in the Webb Municipal Building, 4th Floor, to receive an RTD smart card authorization form. ( Note: Employees located at Denver Human Services and Denver Public Library may obtain EcoPass enrollment details from the Human Resources offices on-site.) 

You may cancel your EcoPass participation at any time. To cancel, please complete the termination form and return as directed on the form.

For more information about EcoPass, including route and schedule information, visit or contact the OHR Benefits team at or (720) 913-5697.