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Education Refund Program

The City and County of Denver values its employees and is invested in their professional and personal development. The city encourages a culture of continuous learning and is committed to providing employees opportunities to further their development.

Read the Education Refund Program policy to see:

  1. An overview of the program
  2. If you are eligible to receive an education reimbursement through the Education Refund Program
  3. If the coursework is eligible for the program
  4. What the employee is responsible for when participating in the program
  5. How to apply
  6. What cost(s) could be reimbursed
  7. The reimbursement process
  8. Administration and disclaimer information

Please see below for upcoming deadlines:

Application Period Approval Period Notified Course Start Period Reimbursement Period
March 30 - April 30 May 1 - May 10 May 11 April - December May -
July 2 - July 31 August 1 - August 8 August 14 July - December August -
October 1 - October 31 Nov. 1 - Nov. 8 Nov. 14 October - April (2019) November -

Currently Accepting Applications for Fall

Submit your Education Refund Program Application below by Tuesday, July 31, 2018. Application must be received before course start date.

As many applicants as possible will be accepted with the intention of fully expending the 2018 funds. If needed, a lottery selection of eligible applicants will be used. Be sure to apply by July 31, 2018.


2018 Fall Timeline

  • Application due Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • Applicants notified of acceptance status Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The next application cycle begins in October.

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