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Learn about City University

The Office of Human Resources understands that to build a world-class city means investing in city employees to ensure that they are well prepared and trained to meet the evolving challenges of a growing city. 

The City and County of Denver's City University (CityU) provides a blended learning opportunity by offering both classroom and online learning to improve employees' experiences and engagement in professional development. Through CityU we look to expand minds, awaken innovators and prepare all employees to serve Denver residents today and in the future. 

  • Access to over 10,000+ free online courses, books, and videos 
  • Full text of thousands of leading professional books from the industry’s top authors and publishers
  • Convenient learning, anytime, anywhere with self-paced courses 
  • A wide variety of topics including:
        ~ Customer Service
        ~ Business Skills
        ~ Compliance
        ~ Computer Skills 
        ~ Engineering 
        ~ Wellness 
        ~ Professional Certifications 
        ~ Leadership Development 
        ~ PEAK Greenbelt

Troubles logging in?

If your computer is logged in with generic credentials or a station account logoff, and then log back in with your own username and password.

  1. Use Google Chrome to open
  2. Use your city-issued user ID number and network password to login to CityU.
    1. Do not login with your city email address.
    2. Do not use GOV\ or SFTY\ before your username.
    3. If you have been with the city for a long time you might have an 5-1-1 login. An example of an 5-1-1 login would be Sarah Cook’s login being “cooksa.”
    4. Safety users may need to use their badge to login.
  3. If you get a System error, press CTRL + SHIFT + N to open an incognito window and try to navigate to CityU in this new window.
  4. If you’re still not able to get in or you’re stuck, please call the Technology Services Service Desk at (720) 337-4357 (Option #1).
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CityU Log In

Log in using your network userID and password.