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Sustainable Denver Summit 2017 Commitment to Action


Thank you for considering making a commitment to help Denver become more sustainable.

Commitments are made by completing the commitment form and submitting it to Denver’s Office of Sustainability. You can submit the form by filling it out on-line. You can also submit your commitment form by downloading a pdf version and submitting via e-mail to, or by mailing it to:

Office of Sustainability

1437 Bannock St., Room 350
Denver, CO 80202

A commitment must satisfy the following requirements:

  • It must be submitted through the commitment form, with all questions answered.
  • It must describe an action that the entity or entities making the commitment will undertake.
  • The action must be new, or an improvement on existing actions (e.g. bigger, faster, etc.).
  • The action need not be completed in 2018, but it must be started in 2018.
  • Completing the action will help Denver achieve one or more of its 2020 Sustainability Goals.

A promise to develop a plan, by itself, does not constitute a commitment, but a promise to implement or provide material support to implementing some or all of a plan does.

All commitments meeting these requirements will be reported to the community, with information provided at the Sustainable Denver Summit on December 5, 2017 on how to access the full list of commitments. Some commitments may be highlighted at the Summit. Highlighted commitments will have one or more of the following characteristics: 

  • Their impact would be relatively large.
  • They have a high likelihood of completion.
  • They provide particular benefits to the most vulnerable residents of Denver.
  • They will contribute to achieving more than just one of the 2020 Goals.
  • They represent a large multi-party collaboration.

All committment forms must be received by Friday, November 17, in order to be announced at the Summit.

Make Your Commitment Online Today!



If you have questions about how to make a commitment, or need help filling out the Commitment Form, contact any member of the staff of the Denver Office of Sustainability:

Jerry Tinianow
(720) 865-9072

Sonrisa Lucero
(720) 865-9059