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My Paycheck

Click below for information on viewing your payslip in Workday, setting up safe and secure direct deposit, and details on your taxes and withholdings.

Review a job aid that will guide you through the payslip function in Workday. You can also download a payslip guide for non-uniformed or uniformed employees.   Enrolling in direct deposit is required by Fiscal Accountability Rule 10.10, Deposit of Net Pay. Learn the benefits of direct deposit, as well as how to enroll and how to make changes to your direct deposit settings.
See information about tax forms, including IRS documents and how to properly calculate your tax withholdings.    

My Timecard

Your timecard is a legal document where any falsification or misrepresentation of time and attendance information is timecard fraud. Every employee must track his/her hours worked and/or exception hours following the Fiscal Accountability Rule 10.13 - Time and Attendancethe procedure, and any coordinating agency/department procedures.

Equipment differential is outlined in Career Service Rule 9, Pay Administration. Here you will find the processing guide, specifications guide, and more.   The city recognizes ten holidays per year. Visit this page to learn how your time is tracked during a holiday week.
Mileage reimbursement is outlined in Fiscal Accountability Rule 10. Here you will find the mileage rate, how to get authorization for driving your personal vehicle for City use, the bi-weekly summary form and more.   Guides for new employees and supervisors to help them manage their timecards.
Find Kronos Quick References here, without the need to log in to Kronos.   Describes telephone time entry (TTE) and how to obtain authorization to use the TTE system. 
This form can be used to fix a missed punch, address issues with overtime, or adjust a previous pay period.   Badge troubleshooting to assist employees who use the Kronos 4500 Terminals.

Leave and Time Off

Explore the links below to learn more about the city's procedures and policies around employee leave and time off.

Common questions about accruing time off.    The five different pay codes available when using administrative leave with the corresponding CS Rule referenced. 
A bereavement policy is the practice of allowing time off when an immediate family member passes away. Bereavement leave, also known as Funeral Leave, is a benefit outlined in CS Rule 10.    A Career Service employee may donate sick leave to another Career Service employee provided that certain requirements are met. 
The purpose of FMLA leave is to provide up to twelve weeks of job-protected leave in a twelve-month period to eligible employees for specified immediate family and medical reasons.   When sick leave accumulation exceeds 880 hours, an employee may request to convert sick leave to vacation leave.
This will take you to the Workers’ Compensation homepage presented by Risk for information on work related injuries   The Human Resources benefits page houses forms and additional information regarding short-term disability benefits and claims.



Controller's Office, Payroll Division

720-913-5186 phone

720-913-5249 fax


Rounding Rule

Image showing a clock divided into 15 minute segments to represent the rounding rule

For pay purposes, your beginning "in" and ending "out" punches are rounding to the nearest 15-minute mark; while the actual in/out times appear on your timecard. Speak with your supervisor regarding your department/agency attendance policy.

Punches that occur mid-shift for unpaid meal breaks round based on the total minutes taken for the unpaid time. In example, if you take a lunch break between 23 and 37 minutes, your break will round to a 30 minute break.


Help! I can't log in!

If you receive the error message:

An incorrect user name or password was entered. Please try again.

Check that:

  1. You are using only lower case letters in your user name
  2. You are entering your password with upper and lower case, depending on how you have set up your password

If you still cannot log on, please contact the Controller's Office, Payroll Division. In the email include that you are getting a password error when logging in. Do not send your password but please include the user name you are attempting to use.

If you receive an error message about JAVA when you attempt to log in:

Contact your department or agency's Technology Services, include in the email or phone call that you had a JAVA error when running Kronos. If you are do not know how to contact your agency's Technology Services, please contact or call 720 337-HELP.

If you receive an administration error when you attempt to log in to Kronos:

Email Include in the email that you are receiving an administration error when attempting to log in to Kronos.


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