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A bereavement policy is the practice of allowing time off when an immediate family member passes away. Bereavement leave, also known as Funeral Leave, is a benefit outlined in CS Rule 10. Please follow your normal leave request procedure when requesting bereavement leave.
  • If you earn vacation accruals and sick accruals each month, you may request up to 48 hours of Sick Bereavement leave. This time off will be taken out of your sick bank. Please read CS Rule 10-35 for all provisions. If you will need more than 48 hours off please read CS Rule 10-35. 
  • If you earn PTO (paid time off) accruals each month, you may request up to 40 hours of Bereavement City leave. This time is City paid and will not be taken from your PTO bank (nor your PTO Conv bank if applicable). Please read CS Rule 10-23, 24 and Summary of PTO Ordinance for provisions. If you will need more than 40 hours off please read CS Rule 10-23 and 24. 

For the most recent information about bereavement leave, be sure to visit the Office of Human Resources Paid Leave page.

Common Questions

Who is considered an immediate family member for bereavement purposes?

Husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, grandchildren, brother, sister, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, domestic partner, and the mother, father, son, daughter, brother, or sister of the domestic partner, as well as minor children for whom the officer or employee or the officer’s or employee's domestic partner provide day-to-day care and financial support.

May I use Donated Sick for bereavement purposes?
No, Donated Sick Leave usage is limited to situations when an employee is unable to work due to a serious health condition or when an employee needs to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition. Please visit our Family Medical Leave page for additional information. 
Am I limited to 40 hours bereavement or 48 hours sick bereavement per year?
No, you may request bereavement leave or sick bereavement per qualifying event.

Requesting Time Off

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