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A process addressing the donation of sick leave with supporting forms has been established. 

Before an employee can receive donations of sick or PTO leave, the employee (or the employee’s representative) must provide notice to the Controller's Office, Payroll Division at that the employee anticipates a need for donated sick leave or PTO.

To make a request to donate leave, use this form.

To make a request to receive donated leave, use this form.

Such notice shall estimate how much donated leave the employee expects to use in the calendar year. Should the employee need more donated leave beyond the original estimate, the employee shall provide notice of this to the Payroll Division before the employee can receive additional donations.


Frequently Asked Questions

According to the CSA rule, in order to use donated leave, an employee must: 

a.    Have exhausted his or her accumulated compensatory time, sick leave and vacation leave or PTO or personal holiday, be absent from work and; 

        i.    Be receiving salary continuation leave, or temporary disability    benefits under the provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Act. In either of these situations, the employee may only use donated leave to make up the difference between the employee’s base salary, and the total of other paid leave received and the temporary disability benefits the employee is receiving;

        ii.    Be receiving leave as an accommodation because of the employee’s pregnancy, physical recovery from childbirth, or related condition;

        iii.    Be receiving approved FMLA leave;

        iv.    Be receiving approved FCA leave;

        v.    Be receiving approved ADA leave; or 

        vi.    Have received written notice of a contemplation of medical disqualification meeting. The employee may use donated leave until medical disqualification occurs or until the end of the period in which a decision on medical disqualification must be issued, whichever occurs first.

For full details on the conditions for using and donating leave, refer to Career Service Rule 10.

Yes. The rule requires that vacation, sick, PTO, and comp time banks be exhausted prior to using donated leave.

After receiving notification that a fellow employee needs a leave donation, fill out the Request to Donate Sick Leave form. To ensure that you are eligible to donate sick, refer to CS Rule 10.




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