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As a supervisor, you are able to add and edit many items to your employees’ timecards. Those items include:

There are some edits that have to be entered by our trained Payroll team. These changes include: 

  • Permanent schedule changes
  • Some pay code adjustments such as:
    • Comp time to be paid out in overtime or overtime to be earned as comp time
    • Overtime or comp time earned for exempt employees
  • Alterations in anything that happened in a pay period that has already been signed off by the Payroll Division
  • Sick to Vacation conversions
  • Addition of Exemplary Performance time

To ensure that the changes that you request will affect the upcoming paycheck, the Payroll Division must receive the Time & Attendance Change Form by close of business non-payday Friday. Anything received after this cut off will not be reflected on the following Friday’s paycheck.

If you need help in performing a task on your timecards, please contact us and we will assist you!

To have Exemplary Performance time entered into an employee's exemplary performance bank, please complete and send the linked  Exemplary Performance Request form to The form can also be found in Kronos under My Links. Please allow two business days for the Exemplary Performance time to be added. Once the Exemplary Performance has been added to the employee’s exemplary performance bank, the requester will be notified.
After an employee has been awarded Exemplary Performance time, and it has been administered through the Controller's Office, Payroll Division, employees may request this time off by creating a Time_Off_Request through Kronos using Exemplary Performance as the Leave Type.
Please contact your Agency HR Representative to discuss your agency’s practice CS Rule 10-67B Administrative Leave. 


New Supervisor Help

New supervisor with the city? Check out our  New Supervisor Quick Reference Guide for payroll help and information.

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