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Paying online?

The City of Denver recently implemented a security enhancement to better protect our online payment processing system.  As a result of this enhancement, we are no longer able to accept payments from non-current browsers. If you are using an older browser version, please upgrade your browser to the most current version so that you can access the online payment service.


Administrative leave, often referred to as admin leave, is outlined in CS Rule 10 - Paid Leave. For tracking and pay purposes, there are five different pay codes available when using administrative leave outlined below with where to find them within the CS Rules.

  • ALV Business  - Business Necessity: CS Rule 10-67 B.3
  • ALV CSA Rep - CSA Representation: CS Rule 10-67 A.1 and 3
  • ALV Dispute Resolution - Alternate Dispute Resolution: CS Rule 10-67 A.2
  • ALV Exemplary Perf - Exemplary Performance: CS Rule 10-67 B.2
    • For additional information about exemplary performance, such as request earned time to be banked or how to request use of your exemplary performance, please continue to our Exemplary Performance page.
  • ALV Position App - Position Application: CS Rule 10-67 B.1

Requesting Time Off

Click the image to learn how to create a time off request.