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“To reward exemplary performance, such as Employee of the Quarter, Employee of the Year, or if the appointing authority wishes to recognize an employee’s outstanding contribution to the agency. The appointing authority may grant, and an employee may use up to twenty (20) hours of administrative leave per calendar year for exemplary performance” (CS Rule 10: Administrative Leave) 

Receiving Exemplary Performance:

So that an employee can request to use Exemplary Performance leave time, the supervisor will complete and submit an Exemplary Performance Request form to Please allow two business days for the Exemplary Performance time to be added. Once the Exemplary Performance has been added to the employee’s exemplary performance bank, the requester will be notified.

To use Exemplary Performance leave that you have earned:

After an employee has been awarded Exemplary Performance time, and it has been administered through the Payroll Division, employees may request this time off by creating a time off request using Admin Leave Exemp Perf as the Leave Type. You may verify your Administrative Leave: Exemplary Performance balance along with your other leave balances on your Timecard in the Accruals Reporting Period tab. 

Please contact your Agency OHR Representative to discuss your agency’s practice CS Rule 10: Administrative Leave.