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Important Notice! Workday is now live! If you wish to add, remove or change anything that affects paychecks after January 3, 2017, you must log in to Workday. For detailed information and step-by-step guides to logging into Workday for payroll-related tasks, visit the training and job aids website


The Payroll Division wants to assist you in keeping your timecards running smoothly by keeping your set-up, up-to-date.

Keep your Timecards "Reconcile Ready"

Reports To Update

To be able to reconcile your employees’ timecards, you must be able to view them. If you know of an expected Reports To Change, log in to Workday to make the needed updates for your employee. For a detailed guide on managing employee options, click here.

Schedule Changes

The red boxes around in and out times are to help you quickly recognize variations to your employee’s normal work schedule. This can help you quickly identify possible missing paid leave, or possible coming overtime or comp time accrual. We can post date the schedule change with your specified effective date, or can make the effective date prior to the date submitted (back to the first day of the current pay period). All schedule changes must have the start date as the pay period begin date.

Updating a schedule is easy:

  1. Submit a Time & Attendance Change Form with the employee’s correct schedule to
    (Need to update your whole group? Use  Group Schedule Change instead)
  2. Payroll processes the request within 3 business days 
  3. View the new schedule in the employee’s timecard on the effective date or the day the request is processed

    Sorry, we will not enter schedules for on-call employees.

Temporary Overtime or Compensatory Time

Each department has specified whether their overtime/compensatory time eligible employees may earn overtime or compensatory time for hours worked over 40 in a week. Under circumstances outlined by your agency, your department or team may have a temporary change to your standard practice.

Process for temporarily change in how overtime is accumulated:

  1. Submit a Time & Attendance Change Form with the amount of time you would like converted on the current pay period from overtime paid out to compensatory time saved in his/her comp bank (or vice versa).  (Need to update your whole group? Use  Group Pay Code Adjustment Change instead)
  2. Payroll processes the request within 3 business days
  3. View the moved amounts in the employee’s timecard, in the Totals & Schedules tab near the bottom.

    *This process must be followed each pay period this agency approved arrangement is taking place.

Badge Entry

There are many Kronos 4500 Terminals located throughout the City. If your employee will be utilizing the terminals, Payroll needs to enter the employee’s badge number into the system. This process is not done automatically, and must be initiated by a supervisor.

Process for activiating a badge for time clock use:

  1. Send the employee’s badge number to
  2. Payroll processes the request within 3 business days 
  3. Your employees can begin using the terminals the day following the date the request is processed

    *Want to remove access to the time clocks, please notify the Payroll Division.


Keep your Timecards “Vacation Ready”

When you are preparing to be out of the office, include delegating your timecard responsibilities on your check list. When a supervisor or manager is unavailable to reconcile their employee timecards or approve/deny leave requests, they have the ability to delegate their authority to another supervisor or manager within their department. Please check out the Managing Delegations tutorial for more information.

Common questions:

If I delegate to another supervisor, will I still be able to view my staff?

Yes, you and the supervisor(s) you have delegated to will be able to view your staff.

I have been delegated to by another supervisor; will I receive emails notifying me of time off requests? 

No, those email notifications will still go to the official supervisor. Please ask the supervisor’s employees to let you know when a time off request has been submitted, so that you can accept/reject the request after switching roles within Kronos.


The timecards weren’t quite ready

Timecards may need to be fixed after the pay period approval deadline has passed. Submit a Time & Attendance Change Form with the corrections needed 

  1. Payroll processes the request within 3 business days 
  2. View the historical amounts on the employee’s timecard, in the appropriate pay period. Depending on when the form is received, possible compensation for these corrections will be paid on the following pay check.

Quick Tips

Spending a few minutes each day to review and reconcile your employees’ timecards will make approval Mondays quicker, and less hectic while ensuring an accurate pay check.

Check Daily:
From Reconcile Timecard (show All Home), do you have any missed punches? How about any unexcused absences?

Run Bi-Weekly:
For your employees who do not have computer access, it is helpful to run a Timecard Detail Report. You can run this report for all your employees who use the timeclocks and/or Telephone Time Entry at one time. Contact the Payroll Division for personalized assistance.

As needed:
Have you received any time off, cancel time off or delegation requests?

Approval Mondays:
Approval Mondays should be a spot check to ensure that nothing has changed over the weekend. Checking missed punches as you go helps to avoid tracking down employees at the last minute and avoids delays in pay.  

Tips and Tricks

Why are there red boxes around each in and out punch?

The schedule for the employee needs to be updated. Submit a Time and Attendance Change form. Complete the top section, and Schedule Change section. We just need what the schedule should be moving forward.

Is there a quick way to see if my employees have approved their timecards?

Yes. Under the Timekeeping tab, choose Pay Period Close. Then choose All Home in the show menu.

My employee usually has a meal break automatically taken out each day. What happens if he/she works through his/her break?

You can cancel the automatic lunch deduction. Click here for instructions!