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Paying online?

The City of Denver recently implemented a security enhancement to better protect our online payment processing system.  As a result of this enhancement, we are no longer able to accept payments from non-current browsers. If you are using an older browser version, please upgrade your browser to the most current version so that you can access the online payment service.


Important Notice! Workday is now live! If you wish to add, remove or change anything that affects paychecks after January 3, 2017, you must log in to Workday. For detailed information and step-by-step guides to logging into Workday for payroll-related tasks, visit the training and job aids website


Click below for information on viewing your payslip in Workday, setting up safe and secure direct deposit, and details on your taxes and withholdings.


Direct Deposit

Enrolling in direct deposit is required by Fiscal Accountability Rule 10.10, Deposit of Net Pay. When you enroll in direct deposit, your net pay is transferred electronically to up to four different bank accounts. 

The Benefits of Direct Deposit

  • Your pay is available as cash on pay day
  • You don’t have to worry about lost or stolen paychecks
  • You don’t have to waste time standing in line to cash or deposit your check
  • If you have an interest-bearing account, your pay may begin to earn interest right away, depending on your bank
With direct deposit, you can be confident that your pay is deposited into your account(s) on time and correctly.
How do employees start direct deposit? It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!
  1. Open a savings/checking account from the Financial Institution of your choice
  2. Obtain verification from the financial institution as this must accompany the direct deposit form.  This letter will verify the routing number and account number of your account:
    • For  checking accounts - Attach a voided check or a verification letter to the direct deposit form
    • For  savings accounts – Attach a verification letter to the direct deposit form
  3. You can enroll in Direct Deposit via Workday (instructions to configure direct deposit in Workday can be found here).

    Denver Public Library on-call employees may complete a paper direct deposit form and return it  to the Controller's Office, Payroll Division

You may change your financial institution, designate a different account, or cancel direct deposit at any time in Workday. 

Once you are enrolled in direct deposit you will no longer receive a payslip at your home. You may print your payslilp from Workday. 

Please note: If you choose direct deposit for a portion of your paycheck, your entire pay must go direct deposit. You are also allowed to direct your funds to go into as many as four accounts.

Click here for a job aid on adjusting your taxes and withholdings in Workday.

Click here to view more information about taxes and withholdings.

On this page, you can view and update your tax and withholding information, read about W-2 mailing information or sign up for electronic W-2, and see this year's tax limits and calculations.