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I can't log on!

I receive the error message: An incorrect user name or password was entered. Please try again.

If you have tried again and it still does not work, please check that:

  1. You are using only lower case letters in your user name
  2. You are entering your password with upper and lower case, depending on how you have set up your password

If you still cannot log on, please email In the email include that you are getting a password error when logging in. Do not send your password but please include the user name you are entering.

I receive an error message about JAVA when I attempt to log in.

Please contact Technology Services, include in the email or phone call that you had a JAVA error when running Kronos. Technology Services can be reached at or call 720 337-HELP.

I receive an administration error when I attempt to log in to Kronos.

Please email Please include in the email that you are receiving an administration error when attempting to log in to Kronos.