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Image of Office of Independent Monitor reports on a table.
The OIM issues several reports, which can be accessed here.  Because transparency is a significant component of our mission, we publicly release an annual report and semi-annual or quarterly reports.  We publish other reports as needed to highlight specific areas of policy, or respond to major events or issues raised by the public.

OIM Combined Quarterly Reports

These reports are offered on a quarterly basis and contain information on the status of investigations and discipline relating to Denver Police (DPD) and Denver Sheriff (DSD) critical incidents (e.g., police shootings and in-custody deaths) and citizen/internal complaints. 

Please note that prior to the third quarter of 2010, the OIM issued three separate reports every quarter; critical incidents, DPD and DSD discipline. Beginning in 2010, they are now combined into one comprehensive report.

Quarterly Critical Incident Reports

In 2007, the Monitor began releasing quarterly reports of all officer-involved shootings and in-custody deaths and the status of those investigations.

Quarterly Police Discipline Reports

Each quarter, the Monitor releases a report of all investigations resulting in "sustained" findings and the discipline imposed.

Quarterly Sheriff Discipline Reports

Each quarter, the Monitor reports on the investigations resulting in "sustained" findings for sheriff complaints and the discipline imposed.


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