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Denver Police Department

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Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies ONLY

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720-913-7867 (STOP)
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Report Graffiti
311 or
(720) 913-1311
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Police Records & Reports

General Information

Below are the types of records available, organized by the area responsible for fulfilling the request.  Some records are only available for order by mail and others are available via the online ordering system.  Some orders may be expedited for an additional fee - please see the record type below for fees and ordering information and contact the corresponding area of responsibility for help.

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Identification Section Records

Arrest Report Download not available
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Record Query Letter - Notarized Download not available
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Records Unit Records

Accident Report Download not available
Offense Report Download not available


Civil Liability Section Records




911 Recording (Confidentiality Agreement)


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Premise History Download

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Investigation Report


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Denver County Court Records

For Denver County Court Records visit the County Courts website.


Certain Restrictions Apply

As with all reports released under the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act, there are restrictions on the release of identifying information on juveniles, sex assault incidents and victims, and information for which release would not be in the public interest.





Identification Section
Police Administration Building
1331 Cherokee Street, Room 416
Denver, CO  80204
(720) 913-6756

Records Unit
Police Administration Building
1331 Cherokee Street, Room 420
Denver, CO  80204
(720) 913-6755

Civil Liability Section
Police Administration Building
1331 Cherokee Street, Room 504
Denver, CO  80204
phone: (720) 913-6362
fax: (720) 913-7035

Description of Record Types

911 Recording
This is an audio recording of the call made to 911 and taken by the 911 call taker. Permission to release must be obtained from the caller before a recording can be released. If a Defense Attorney is requesting this call in relation to a criminal case they are handling, they may fill out the Confidentiality Agreement to receive the call.

Dispatch Recording
This is a recording of the calls between the Police Radio Dispatcher and the officers responding to a 911 call. The Dispatch Recording contains information concerning the 911 call.

Computer Aided Dispatch
Typed synopsis of the 911 calls related to the incident. This is not verbatim or a transcription of the call.

Accident Report
The Records Unit provides the two-page accident report that is typically needed for insurance purposes.  Accident reports that were filed with the Denver Police Department can be provided in most cases, however, accidents that occurred in Denver but were only reported to Colorado State Patrol will not be available from DPD.  Hit-and-run accidents, and accidents involving a fatality, must be requested from the Civil Liability Section by ordering an "Investigation Report".

Arrest Report
A record of arrest with the Denver Police Department will include (when available) name, date(s) of and reasons(s) for arrests(s), fingerprint class, booking number, and social security number.  Most case dispositions will need to be requested by the respective court.

Arrest Photo
The individual's most recent arrest photo will be returned, either in black and white or color, depending on the request and fee provided.

Investigation Report
If an Accident or Offense is assigned to a detective, the investigation is documented in an Investigation Report. The Investigation Report often includes witness statements, and the detective's notes.

Offense Report
These reports include most incidents which are reported to a DPD officer.  Report availability is dependent on the year the offense occurred and the type of offense involved.  Homicides, fatalities, sexual assaults, and cases involving juveniles need to be requested from the Civil Liability Section using the "Investigation Report" option.

Record Query Letter
A record query letter is similar to an Arrest Report, however, it also includes a check for active warrants.  For an additional fee, a notarized copy is available.  RECORD QUERY LETTERS MUST BE ORDERED IN PERSON AT DPD HEADQUARTERS.

Audio/Video/Photo CD
This can include: interviews, photos uploaded, and surveillance footage (depending on content). Please call if you are not sure if the item you are looking for exists. One CD per request. 

The Denver Police Department monitors city streets in High Activity Location Observation (HALO) areas. HALO video is available to order via the online system, subject to certain restrictions under the Colorado Open Records Act and the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act. Unless previously retrieved or preserved, video images captured by HALO will be purged after a 30-day period. Please contact Civil Liability directly to order HALO video.

DUI Room Video
This is footage of a person who has been arrested for DUI and held in the DUI designated holding cells at the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Facility. Please note: this footage is only retained for 25 to 28 days after it has been captured.