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Transit Improvements

Denver Public Works has many projects underway related to current and planned transit-related infrastructure, such as increasing access to new transit stations and prioritizing multi-modal planning and studies.  

35th-36th Pedestrian Bridge

Under Construction: a new pedestrian and bike connection between the River North, Curtis Park and Cole neighborhoods and the future Regional Transportation District (RTD) 38th & Blake commuter rail station on the A Line. Opening in 2016.
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Inca St Multi-Use Trail

Under Construction: an underpass at 38th Avenue to provide pedestrian and bicycle access to the planned commuter rail station located at 41st and Fox and will act as an extension to the Platte River Regional bike trail and the Inca Pedestrian Bridge. Opening in 2016.
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38th and Blake Station Area

Under Construction: constructing new sidewalks immediately surrounding the station and making improvements to the existing Blake Street Bridge over 38th Street to enhance vehicle and pedestrian safety. Opening in 2016.
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Colfax Corridor

Planning & Design: reviewing designs and options for a Bus Rapid Transit corridor along Colfax between Aurora and downtown Denver.
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Transit Oriented Denver

Transit Oriented Development

With transit investment and usage increasing throughout the Denver metro area, the City and County of Denver is committed to creating communities around rail stations, supporting new neighborhoods and revitalizing existing areas. Read more about Denver's TOD Strategic Plan