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  • image of man relaxing in yardMAKE LESS TRASH - Up to 37% of what Denver residents put in the trash during the growing season is yard waste which is predominantly grass clippings. You can significantly reduce your spring and summer waste just by Grasscycling.
  • ENJOY A HEALTHIER LAWN - Grasscycling is an easy way to a healthy lawn and a great way to recycle valuable nutrients for free. Clippings break down quickly and slowly release nutrients like Nitrogen back into the soil beneath your lawn.
  • SAVE WATER - Grass clippings left on your lawn will shade grass roots and help keep the soil cool. And because grass clippings are made up of more than 80% water, they return valuable moisture to the soil which means less watering for you to do.
  • REDUCE YOUR WORK - Grasscycling can drastically reduce the time you spend on lawn care by saving you from the hassle of bagging, raking and disposing of grass clippings.
  • SAVE MONEY - Grasscycling reduces the amount the City must spend to collect, haul and landfill grass clippings.

 Download the Grasscycle flyer (PDF)

Grasscycling: Cut it. Leave it. Watch it thrive.