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Denver Composts Expansion Information

UPDATE 6/23/2017: Solid Waste Management continues to actively work on expanding compost collection services by doubling the number of homes eligible for compost collection service in Denver by the end of 2017. Two new compost routes were added to northeast Denver neighborhoods in the Spring of 2017 (Phase 1) and four new compost routes are scheduled to be added in late Fall 2017 (Phase 2). The exact areas for the Phase 2 expansion have not been full determined at this time, but it is expected that these routes will allow us to offer compost collection service to many of the remaining areas not currently eligible for this program.

Please check back in October for information on the Phase 2 expansion areas. Phase 1 expansion areas are now posted on this page.

Denver Composts is a fee-based service paid for by the resident at the rate of $29.25 each quarter (every 3 months). See the "Compost Service Payment Information" section of Denver's Compost Collection Program page for details.