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Brown is the new GREEN!

Keep your fall leaves out of the landfill by composting them through Denver Recycles’ annual LeafDrop program.

By participating in the LeafDrop program, Denver residents decrease their environmental impact, help to keep our streets clean, and save space in the landfill. Leaves collected during LeafDrop will be commercially composted, and the final compost product will be sold to Denver residents at Denver Recycles’ annual Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale in early May.

Denver Recycles and Ace Hardware stores are teaming up to give away 25,000 paper leaf bags to help Denver break the plastic bag habit and choose paper bags instead! Unlike plastic bags, brown paper bags can be composted along with the leaves; saving time and reducing plastic waste.  By participating in the LeafDrop program, you can save space in the landfill, decrease your environmental impact, and help keep our streets clean. Materials collected during LeafDrop are composted, and the compost will then be sold to Denver residents at the Denver Recycles’ Annual Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale in May 2018.

To maximize the quality of the composted leaves, Denver Recycles is encouraging residents to use brown paper leaf bags in place of plastic bags. To get your FREE 5-pack of brown paper leaf bags, click on the "Download Ace Hardware Coupon" button on this page.


Information regarding our LeafDrop sites is listed below. Remember, only bring leaves to drop sites during the specified dates and times. Otherwise, it will be considered illegal dumping.


NOV. 4 – 19, 11 AM TO 3 PM



OCT. 2 – DEC. 8, 8 AM TO 2 PM



*All leaves brought to Havana during the week must be in secured bags. 




image of a pumpkin

We’ll compost pumpkins too!

Program Reminders:

  • LeafDrop is for Denver residents only.
  • Leaves should never be raked or blown into the street.
  • Only bring leaves to drop sites during the specified dates and times. Leaving your leaves at these locations during other times is considered illegal dumping and consequences may apply.

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image of breaking the plastic bag habit grouped

Redeem you coupon at any one of these Denver area participating Ace Hardware stores:

Limit one 5-pack per household WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Rain checks and special orders not valid. Not valid with any other offers.  Only available at participating Ace Hardware locations from October 1, 2017 through November 30, 2017. Other exclusion may apply.

Don't Waste Plastic Bags!

We prefer leaves in paper bags.