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LeafDrop 2017: Brown is the New Green

Keep your fall leaves out of the landfill by composting them through Denver Recycles’ annual LeafDrop program!

By participating in the LeafDrop program, Denver residents decrease their environmental impact, help to keep our streets clean, and save space in the landfill. Leaves collected during LeafDrop will be commercially composted, and the final compost product will be sold to Denver residents at Denver Recycles’ annual Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale in early May.

image of break the plastic bag habit

We want YOU to help Denver break the plastic bag habit. Denver Recycles and Ace Hardware stores are teaming up to give away 25,000 paper leaf bags to help Denver residents break the plastic bag habit and choose paper bags for their fall leaves instead. Unlike plastic bags, brown paper bags can be composted along with the leaves - both saving time and reducing plastic waste. To maximize the quality of the composted leaves and to maximize the efficiency of the LeafDrop program, Denver Recycles is encouraging residents to use brown paper leaf bags in place of plastic bags. To get one FREE 5-pack of brown paper leaf bags, visit and print the 2017 LeafDrop bag coupon. Then, take this coupon to any of the participating Denver-area Ace Hardware stores to get your free bags (no purchase necessary; while supplies last; limit one free 5-pack per household). Additional paper leaf bags can be purchased at Ace Hardware Stores, other home improvement centers, large retailers, garden centers and nurseries throughout the metro area.  


Information regarding our LeafDrop sites is listed below. Remember, only bring leaves to drop sites during the specified dates and times. Otherwise, it will be considered illegal dumping.


NOV. 4 – 19, 11 AM TO 3 PM



OCT. 2 – DEC. 8, 8 AM TO 2 PM

*All leaves brought to Havana during the week must be in secured bags.

image of a pumpkin

We’ll compost pumpkins too!


Program Reminders:

  • LeafDrop is for Denver residents only.
  • Leaves should never be raked or blown into the street.
  • Only bring leaves to drop sites during the specified dates and times. Leaving your leaves at these locations during other times is considered illegal dumping and penalties may apply.

For more information on the LeafDrop program, visit or call 311 (720-913-1311).

image of lady raking up leaves

Denver Recycles’ NEW Waste Sorting Game is Here – Start Practicing Your Virtual Sorting Skills Today!

Are you ready to put your waste sorting skills to the test? Denver Recycles is excited to announce the launch of its brand new online waste sorting game. The Denver Recycles’ Waste Sorting Game allows Denver residents the opportunity to polish their waste sorting skills while also brushing up on recycling and composting knowledge in a fun new way.  The sorting game is great for people of all ages and all levels of recycling understanding.

image of cover of Recycling Sorting Game

For your waste sorting convenience, the game is accessible two different ways:

  • It's on the Denver Recycles website. The Denver Recycles website is your one-stop-shop for all information related to recycling, composting and trash services in Denver. You can practice your waste sorting skills and read up on Denver’s waste management services on the same site!
  • It's on the Denver Trash and Recycling app. Download our free app from iTunes or the Google Play store and play the waste sorting game on the go! App customers can also access their individualized service calendars, receive collection reminders and search the Denver Recycles Recycling Directory – all within the app!

The Denver Recycles Waste Sorting Game includes four waste streams: a purple recycling cart, a green compost cart, a backyard compost bin, and a black trash cart. Game players make their way through five levels by correctly sorting various materials into the proper waste streams. If your home doesn’t have a backyard compost pile or doesn’t subsribe to the Denver Composts program, don’t worry! The game is still applicable because any materials accepted in a backyard compost system or our green cart program are also accepted at the FREE Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off, which is open to all Denver residents.

Denver Public Schools are also encouraged to utilize the Denver Recycles Waste Sorting Game to help reinforce school sorting practices. Since Denver Recycles provides waste collection services to participating DPS facilities, the sorting rules for DPS students are the same at school as they are at home!

For additional information about Denver Recycles’ programs and services, visit, or call 311 (720-913-1311). 

Bicycle, Recycle, Repeat!


Here in Denver, bicycling can easily be a year-round pursuit for both bicycle commuters and recreational riders alike. In a city known for its active lifestyle and its prioritization of environmental practices, cyclists and (re)cyclers are in good company. Even though bicycle components and pieces are not accepted in Denver’s purple carts, Denver does have plenty of options when it comes to reducing, reusing and recycling bicycles and cycling equipment.

image of bicycle reuse

Below are a few REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE tips for Denver cyclists.


Cycling, as a form of transportation, minimizes our impact on the environment by reducing consumption of natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Even though cycling is already less resource-intensive than other modes of transit, there are still ways for cyclists to further minimize waste. Repairing a flat is a great example. Just because a bicycle tube has a small hole, it doesn’t mean it should be trashed.  Repairing your flat (when it’s possible) will extend the life of your bicycle tube, reduce waste and save money! Not to mention, flat-repairing is a great skill for any cyclist to have in their repertoire.

  • DR Tip: Some bike shops collect used or deflated tubes to be sold at a discount. Ask about this option next time you stop by your favorite Denver bike shop.


Re-Cycle that bicycle! All puns aside, bicycles do easily lend themselves to reuse. After all, bicycles are simple machines that can easily be repaired. Try a tune-up before buying a new bike, or, try finding a used bike before purchasing a new bike.

  • DR Tip: If you upgrade your ride, consider donating your old bike to a good cause. Bikes Together is a great local option that will repurpose your old bike (or bike parts) and help make cycling safe and accessible to all!


If a bike or bike part is truly beyond repair, there are many options for recycling. 

  • DR Tip: Use the Denver Recycles’ Recycling Directory, online or within the Denver Trash and Recycling app, to find local recyclers for the items listed below. Remember, it’s often best to call ahead to confirm details before making a trip to any recycler listed in the Recycling Directory.
  • Bike wheels and frames. These items are considered scrap metal and should be taken to one of the many local scrap metal recycling facilities listed in the Recycling Directory. Depending on the material, you might even get a little extra cash for your items. 
  • Bicycle tubes. Check the Recycling Directory for a listing of bike shops and sporting goods stores that have Green Guru collection containers. Green Guru transforms your used tubes into bike gear and accessories such as wallets, belts, backpacks, and more.
  • Tires. Tire recycling companies listed in the Recycling Directory can recycle tires or give them new life by repurposing them into things like windbreakers and pen dividers for industrial agriculture.

Keep riding, and keep recycling.  For additional information about Denver Recycles’ recycling guidelines and other recycling resources, please visit or call 311 (720-913-1311).


Quick Tips for How to Properly Recycle Large Household Items in Denver

 (Hint: These items don’t belong in your purple cart.)

Have you ever wondered how to recycle some of the big, bulky items from your home? Denver’s single-stream program (a.k.a. the purple cart program) is very well-equipped to recycle the majority of regular household material and packaging—such as paper, cardbaord, metal cans, aluminum foil, glass bottles and jars, and plastic food and beverage containers. However, the big, bulky and hazardous recyclables require a slightly different approach.

Here are just a few options for recycling several categories of the big stuff. These options range from free collection programs to listings of local businesses that can provide fee-based recycling pick-up services:


image of refrigerator and ovenTake advantage of free reycling collection for appliances. Denver offers a free appointment-based recycling collection program for appliances such as stoves, refridgerators, washers & dryers, dishwashers, furnaces, hot water heaters, and microwaves. Freon gases, from refrigerated appliances, are collected through the program in an environmentally safe manner, and the metal is recycled with other scrap metal. Always consider selling or donating functional appliances before pursuing this free recycling option. For those that no longer work, recycling pick-up appointments can be scheduled by calling 1-800-479-4159 or online at  


image of various electronicsUtilize the E-Cycle Coupon for discounted electronics recycling. Did you know that it’s illegal to throw electronics in the trash in Colorado? Don’t just stockpile old TVs in your basement. Request an E-Cycle Coupon instead, and recycle your old electronics the responsble way! Still not convinced there should be a fee for this service? Fees collected by electronics recyclers help to ensure that hazardous components of the electronics are dealt with in an environmentally resposible manner. As the owners of materials that contain hazardous ingredients such as lead, cadmium and mercury (just to name a few), it the consumer’s responsibility to ensure that these materials are recycled responsibly. Learn more about responsible electronics recycling and the E-Cycle Coupon Program at


image of used mattressesSupport local businesses that recycle used mattresses and boxsprings. On average, people buy a new mattress every eight years. That means, in Denver well over 10,000 mattresses are disposed of each year. Instead of trashing these items, consider recycling them instead. Both of the businesses listed below offer fee-based pick-up and drop-off options for mattress and boxspring recycling.

For additional information about all of Denver Recycles’ programs and services, including the online Recycling Directory, visit, or call 311 (720-913-1311). 

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