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Don't throw aluminum and steel cans in the trash. Recycle them in your purple cart!

Yes! We CAN recycle.

Cans are infinitely recyclable, but that doesn’t happen when they get trashed. Right now, right here in Denver, nearly half of all aluminum and steel cans aren’t being recycled. We CAN do better.

What CAN we do? Challenge one another to recycle every single can.

  • Step 1. Drink the contents of the can.
  • Step 2. Put the can in your purple cart.
  • Step 3. Pat yourself on the back for thinking outside the trash.

Let’s get it done, Denver!




Denver Public Works will be working with The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit organization that applies corporate partner funding to improve recycling programs in cities and towns across the nation, to increase the amount of recyclables residents put in their purple carts, starting with a focus on aluminum and steel cans.

"Think Outside the Trash: Recycle Your Cans” signifies the launch of this targeted education campaign on four pilot routes. Denver Recycles team members will tag trash carts with an information card instructing residents to put cans in their recycling carts. Residents will also receive the "Think Outside the Trash: Recycle Your Cans” message through mailers, signs, and social media. This campaign seeks to reengage and reinvigorate residents to recycle, and success will be measured by increasing the number of steel and aluminum cans in the purple recycling carts along the pilot routes.