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May 08 2014 (63 reads)
Budget Goals for Affordable Housing
Each spring, City Council comes together for an annual retreat to discuss funding, programs, and budget priorities for the following budget year.  In addition to top priorities for multi-modal transportation planning, safety, and infrastructure, affordable housing initiatives ranked high for Council again this year.  Read more about the 2015 Council budget priorities and my work on affordable housing below. 

2015 Council Budget Priorities
May 2014 Newsletter: Budget Goals for Affordable Housing
May 08 2014 (62 reads)
Solid Waste Modernization Moving Forward
About 75% of what we throw away is actually “good stuff” that can be recycled or composted instead of thrown in the trash, but Denver’s rate of doing so is less than half the national average.  Over the past two years, I have worked with my colleagues and city departments to speed the pace of modernizing our solid waste collection system and expand recycling and composting programs.  Read more about the Solid Waste Master Plan and some updates on its progress below.

Solid Waste Master Plan
May 2014 Newsletter: Solid Waste Modernization Moving Forward

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