New Colorado Film Incentives

New Colorado Film Incentives

At a time when our government is looking to spur economic development and create jobs, proposed state legislation in Colorado is giving us an amazing opportunity to do both by bringing the motion picture industry back to Colorado. 

House Bill 12-1286 will do this by increasing film production incentives from 10% to 20% and by providing a state guarantee for a senior bank loan program to further attract production companies.

Not many people realize that Colorado was the first state to create a film commission back in the late 1800’s.  Today however, this industry has dwindled in our state as it has become almost impossible to compete with the robust and generous incentives of New Mexico, Utah, Louisiana and Michigan. Film production creates jobs, boosts tax revenues and benefits every area in our state and is an industry that we cannot allow to erode any further.

When HB 1286 passes, the incentives will have a huge impact on Denver and the many industry people who live in our City yet have to leave Colorado in order to remain employed in this industry.  We hope that in the near future they will no longer need to do so.

So much of Colorado’s creative talent and film businesses are located right here in our own city.  We are known to be a film friendly city and we want to keep it that way.  In anticipation of the passage of HB 1286, I have been working with city agencies and industry experts to begin to identify how Denver can accommodate increased film activity. I want the industry to know that Denver is open for business and that we are ready to deliver streamlined processes and excellent customer service.

For more information on this important legislation and on bringing film back to Colorado, please visit Colorado Film Commission at

Watch the video chronicling Colorado's film history presented by the Colorado Office of Film Television and Media.  Click on the image below to watch:

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