About Councilman Brooks

Albus Brooks,
Council District 9

In 2011, Councilman Brooks was elected to his first term on City Council where he represented the Great District 8. An eclectic yet disconnected district, Councilman Brooks campaigned under the motto, “Connecting Diverse Communities,” a rallying cry that spoke to the values of the community and helped him defeat his 38 challengers. Councilman Brooks won this race by 2000 votes and made him the youngest Councilperson to be elected in District 8 history. This will also be remembered as the race that had the most candidates in municipal history for a single seat.

In 2015, Councilman Brooks ran for a second term against two other opponents and won his race by an impressive 68% of the votes. The new district boundaries now placed Councilman Brooks in District 9.

Before serving on City Council, Mr. Brooks helped then-Mayor John Hickenlooper get elected Governor of Colorado, acting as his Outreach and Political Director, managing field and constituency outreach operations. Before his time in the political arena, Mr. Brooks served as the Director of the Issachar Center for Urban Leadership (ICUL), investing in emerging leaders by leading a program that provided full-ride college scholarships and urban leadership training to Denver’s low-income minorities. Investing in Denver’s emerging leaders has always been a consistent professional theme for Mr. Brooks. Prior to working at the ICUL, he served as the Area and Finance Director for Central Denver Young Life, a program that invests in the lives of Denver’s inner-city high school students.

As a young man growing up in California, Albus Brooks’ hard work separated him as a leader on the football field. He was named an All American Blue Chip player and recruited to the University of Colorado, Boulder. At CU, Albus continued to set himself apart. Sports Illustrated named him one of the Top 10 Hardest Hitters. The National Football League took interest before injuries ultimately ended his career. Throughout his life, Albus has been a culturally fluent leader, demonstrating visionary leadership in diverse contexts.

As a global thinker, he has had a passion for improving the human experience as it pertains to the urban narrative. As a part of his effort to connect communities and leaders around the world, he has led multiple delegations to Nairobi, Kenya and Kunming, China. Albus was also selected to take part in the prestigious Marshall Memorial Fellowship, where only 40 individuals are chosen nationwide to participate in this yearly program. The Marshall Memorial Fellowship(gmfus.org) is a transatlantic leadership development program that invests in emerging leaders “to build an understanding of politics, business, innovation, and culture on the other side of the Atlantic through experiential learning.

Although a growing global leader, it is District 9 in Northeast Denver where Albus feels most at home. He lives in the socioeconomically diverse Cole neighborhood with his wife Debi and their three young children, Makai, Kenya and Kaya. 

Council Committee Meetings

Denver City Council members serve on several different committees, each concerned with various areas of City government. Committees meet regularly to discuss and prepare proposed laws. For the latest information about Denver City Council committee meetings, full council meetings, and agendas, visit the Denver City Council Meetings page.

Councilman Albus Brooks serves on the following committees:

Meeting Times

Every other Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. Check the calendar below for up to date meeting information

Agencies of Responsibility and Oversight
  • Office of Economic Development
  • Denver International Airport
  • Department of Excise & Licenses

Other Partner Agencies and Entities of Interest
  • Visit Denver
  • Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Metro Chamber

Meeting Times

Meets every other Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. in Room 391 of the City & County Building (1437 Bannock Street Denver, CO 80202).

Areas of Responsibility and Oversight

  • Finance
  • Technology Services
  • General Services
  • City Lobbyists and Lobbying Team

Other Partner Agencies and Entities of Interest
  • Colorado Governor and State Assembly
  • Denver Urban Renewal Authority
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments
  • Federal Lobbying Program
  • Colorado Municipal League
  • Colorado Counties Inc.

Meeting Times

Every other Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. Check the calendar below for up to date meeting information

Agencies of Responsibility and Oversight

  • North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative
  • Community Planning & Development
  • National Western Stock Show
  • The Sharing Economy

  • Crime Prevention and Control Commission 
  • National Western Center Executive Oversight Committee 
  • Homeless Commission 
  • VISIT Denver
  • Colorado Black Caucus 
  • Metro Denver Sports Commission 
  • Young Elected Officials Network, established by the White House
Learn more about other council committees.


  • Imagin8 Tour - Strategic visioning process bringing every neighborhood together to share ideas about challenges and opportunities in District 8. Funded through a partnership with the Denver Foundation’s Strengthening Neighborhoods Program.
  • Engage 8 - A non-profit recently started and spun off by the office. Engage 8 will enrich and empower the residents of District 8 by supporting their ideas, building upon their strengths, sustaining existing community organizations, encouraging civic activity and developing innovative initiatives.
  • Vacant and Derelict - Holding property owners accountable who have been grossly negligent, resulting in their properties becoming a community blight.
  • Crack pipe legislation - Believe it or not, crack pipes are sold in many of our convenient stores all over the city. This legislation would prohibit the predatory sale of crack pipes.
  • Renter’s Rights-Creating a more transparent relationship between renters and landlords.
  • Homeless initiatives (attached in the "News" section of this site)
  • Development of 5 Points;
  • Make Welton St a two-way street, restore the Rossonian to
  • Urban Renewal District created for the first time in 5 points (gives developers the incentive of tax increment financing, to assist with re-development).
  • Development of a 24 hour resource center for homeless in Denver
  • Support mill levy dollars so neighborhood libraries can be restored to 45 hours city wide.
  • Grocery Stores eliminating the food desert in NE Denver:
  • Sunflower Market (Colfax & Garfield)
  • Walgreens Produce Market (new venture for the company)

 *Letters of inquiry: Sprouts (in Five Points),Magic Johnson Enterprise and In-N-Out Burger©